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The Stirring Valley of Bovec, Italy


The Littoral region Bovec is situated in the northwestern Slovenian Alps, which is near the border of Italy. It is the central arrangement of the metropolis of Bovec. Earlier, it was the historic region of Georzia but now only a few minority people stay here. Bovec was being in notice in the year 1174, but if go inside the deep ... Read More »

The Garden of the Gods: A Beautiful Oasis in Colorado, US


Who doesn’t wants to go for a tour having the scenic beauty to an extent that it mesmerizes the viewer with its artistic effect? Yes, this place is the most visited place in Shwanee National Forest with its vivid formation of rocks and trails that makes it hits the lists of the tourists. This place is situated in the City ... Read More »

The Blue Eye of Albania, The Natural Spring

blue eye

As the name might confuse you, Blue Eye is the biggest spring of all the natural springs in world, having the clearest of water you would have ever seen before. Located in South of Albania and also known by the name of Syri kaltër, there is a beautiful natural phenomenon occurring in this spring of water. It has a vibrant ... Read More »