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A Day in Mumbai India- Everything you can Do


Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. A Global City (importance in the economic system) and Fashion and Film hub (as the home of Bollywood) it is one of the most cosmopolitan of all Indian cities. Mumbai is known for its night life and its rich cultural heritage. Even a single day spent in exploring Mumbai will turn out to be ... Read More »

Rapa Nui and the Story of the Easter Islands


              Far away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies an island, where silent stone people rise up from the ground; remnants of Rapa Nui- a civilization that has been long gone. It is one of the most isolated inhabited islands on planet Earth, and historians throughout the ages have failed to answer the simple question- ... Read More »

The Exquisite Lady Liberty of USA: Freedom Personified

Statue of Liberty seen from the Circle Line ferry, Manhattan, New York

The STATUE OF LIBERTY is a sculpture situated  on Liberty Island of New York Harbor, in Manhattan, New York City U.S.A. It was designed by ‘Frédéric Auguste Barthold’ and dedicated on 28 October 1886, as a gift from France to America. It is a symbol of friendship between the people of France and America. Today, the Statue of Liberty remains ... Read More »