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A Historical and Archaeological Treasure – Petra


Described by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as “one of the most important cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage”, Petra Jordan is a city of great mysteries and architecture unmatched anywhere else in the world. Petra was an ancient city in the country of Jordan which is sandwiched between the two great seas of the Middle East ... Read More »

Palace of Versailles – The Most Stupendous Construction


Palace of Versailles, a former French royal residence and governing centre at that time, now a national landmark & a famous tourist place in France. Before the palace was built Versailles was a country village located 20 km south-west of French capital and today it is wealthy region in France. The original residence, built between  1631 to 1634, was mainly a ... Read More »

The Epitome of Timeless Love and Beauty: Taj Mahal


When we talk about tourist’s spots in India, there is an endless list of monuments, gardens, temples, beaches and heritage sites. Inspite of this the list is so incomplete without mentioning about Taj Mahal, the heart of India. It is one of the most famous tourist’s spot of the world and it is one of the Seven Wonders of the ... Read More »

The baffling beauty of Banff National Park, Canada

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Canada has always been the land that intrigued a lot of people due to it’s great history and a brilliant present. The ways nature and civilization have blended in to form this beautiful nation is truly a marvel. And in this country that is so full of marvels, is a gem, hidden deep in the south west of the country. ... Read More »

Igloo Island: Cozying up under the Northern lights

igloo island finland

Northern Lights display is a natural phenomenon caused when the gaseous particles of the Earth’s atmosphere collide with the charged particles coming from the sun’s atmosphere. These collisions create bright dancing lights in the sky which look exceptionally beautiful and are spectacular to watch. Different gases interacting with the charged particles emit different colors of light. The most common ones ... Read More »

Mandrem Beach – The Innate essence of Goa, India


A visit to Goa is incomplete without a trip to its sun-kissed beaches. The variety of beaches in Goa offer something or the other for everyone from luxury resorts to huts and from beach parties to tranquillity and within its sweeping coastline and sandy bays, it is one of the hottest sun-and-surf destinations in the country for local and international ... Read More »

Bellagio Casino- The Soul of Las Vegas


Las Vegas or the sin city is practically incomplete without Bellagio. The Bellagio is a luxury edifice and casino on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada.  It is closely-held by MGM Resorts International and was designed on the positioning of the dismantled Dunes edifice and casino.Inspired by the Lake Como city of Bellagio in Italia, Bellagio is celebrated for ... Read More »

The Victoria Falls – Nature’s Beauty Untouched


Victoria Falls is a waterfall that is located in Southern Africa. It is situated on the Zambezi River at the border covering Zambia and Zimbabwe. A visit to Africa is incomplete without a trip to its sun-kissed waterfall. Victoria Falls is very famous in terms of its beauty. This waterfall offers something or the other for everyone who just wishes ... Read More »