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The Largest Religious Monument Angkor Wat – Heritage Preserved


Angkor Wat was 1st a Hindu, then after, a Buddhist temple complex in Kingdom of Cambodia and therefore the largest spiritual monument within the world. The temple was engineered by the Khmer King Suryavarman II within the early twelfth century in Yasodharapura, the then capital of  Khmer , as his state temple and ultimate sepulture. Breaking from the Shaivism tradition ... Read More »

The Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney Amusement Park


Expedition Everest is a very entertaining and adventurous roller coaster ride in the Animal Kingdom of the Walt Disney Amusement Park in Florida. It was announced on 22nd April, 2003 and three years later it was inaugurated in a grand opening ceremony on 7th April 2006. It took six years for its planning and construction. The Expedition Everest is made ... Read More »

Sydney Opera House – The Epitome Of Magnificence


When we talk about tourist’s spots of the world, there is an endless list of monuments, gardens, temples, beaches and heritage sites. Inspite of this the list is so incomplete without mentioning about Opera House, the heart of Australia. It is one of the most famous tourist’s spot of the world. Opera House is located in Sydney, New South Wales, ... Read More »

The City of Waterfalls and Flawless Natural Beauty – Skogar


Skogar is a village situated in South Iceland known for the waterfalls, Skogafoss, on the river Skoga. Skogar is surrounded by amazingly beautiful location near the spectacular waterfalls Skogafoss. These waterfalls springs from top of a craggy cliff that is at around 60 meters away. Another famous place of Skogar is the museum, Skogasafn, which is open all the year ... Read More »

Nature’s Miraculous Power- The Krimml Waterfalls


The falling water means the waterfalls give you implausible sight of the nature’s magical move of the water. If those waterfalls falls from the long height gives you more and more incredible view of the miraculously flowing water. And for those who love water will definitely want to visit the highest waterfall of the world. So here let’s visit this ... Read More »

The Lavishly Aromatic and Spicy Cuisine of Sri Lanka


The teardrop-shaped island of the Sri Lanka  has been a stopover for ships, drawing merchants from the center East, Persia and geographical area, UN agency brought with them their distinctive cookerys and change of state styles; its cookery is additionally influenced by Malabar moreover as Tamil cuisine. At breakfast there are hoppers (anglicized name for appam) made up of hard ... Read More »

Maldives : The Perfect Venue for Holidays


The Maldives ground is found on high of the Chagos-Maldives-Laccadive Ridge, an enormous submarine range of mountains within the ocean. Maldives additionally kind a terrestrial ecoregion along side the Chagos and also the Lakshadweep.The Maldives atolls comprehend a territory contact roughly ninety thousand sq. kilometres (35,000 sq meter), creating the country one in every of the world’s most geographically spread. ... Read More »

Empire State Building- The Desire of Man To Reach Zenith


The empire state building is a 103 floors skyscraper (a tall commercial building) in New York city of USA. Its height is 1,250 feet (381 meters), and 1,454 feet (443.2 m) high including antenna .The name empire state is taken from the city name new york( the empire state) the nickname of the city.it stood as the world tallest building for 40 years from ... Read More »