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The Ice-lands of Juneau, Alaska


Alaska offers one of the world’s most breathtaking tourist sites in United States. It is a home to 850 grottos and caves, the most visited include El Captain on Prince of Wales Island, Juneau Ice Caves in Juneau and Chugach Mountain Ice Caves.  Though El Captain is the most visited of them all but Juneau, enthralls you with its majestic glaciers and ever ... Read More »

A Mughlai Delight-The Mughlai Cuisine


India throughout the years has agglomerated varieties of cultures. The period of Mughals in India from Babar to Bahdur Shahzaffar brought a turning point to the arts, culture and cuisine of India. The architecture of the west was first incorporated; various new forms of music such as ‘qawwali’ etc. were introduced. However the aspect which affected the common man was ... Read More »

Out of the Fairy tales- Castles in Ireland

ashford castle

The low lying mountains, lush greenery, numerous streams and rivers make Ireland a picturesque European Island. Interspersed among this landscape are medieval castles that appear to have come straight out of fairy-tales.  A drive around Irish countryside is sure to lead to one of these castles, some of them are reduced to ruins, some are still accessible, some are in ... Read More »

The Entertainment Capital of the World – Las Vegas


Well, the most exciting and happening city of the world, Las Vegas, has rightly billed itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World. Located in the southern part of the U.S. state of Nevada, it is the most populous in the state. It is an internationally renowned resort city, famous for its consolidated hotel-casinos and associated entertainment. Las Vegas is ... Read More »

Lofoten – the Cluster of Islands Norway


  The northern part of Norway consists of a group of islands called as Lofoten. There are many different islands in Lofoten, some of them are Hinnoya in the southwestern part, Austvagoy stretches the southern part, Gimsoy, Vestvagoy, Flakstadoy, Moskenesoya, Vaeroy, Rost and many other small islands. Vestvagoy is also a municipality in the northern part of Norway. However, Vaeroy ... Read More »

Barcelona Spain – The City of Gaudi


Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is the second largest city of Spain and is the home for over 1,620,000 people. The city is situated on the Mediterranean coast of the country. It was a Roman town with the name ‘Barcino’ and has a history of about 2000 years old. People in Barcelona generally speak Catalan and Spanish and most of ... Read More »

Kuala Lumpur- Garden City of Lights


Kuala Lumpur is the famous city of Malaysia.  The city is famous as the bench of the Parliament of Malaysia. Over 1.6 million people live there as per the records of 2012. The whole city covers 243 km2 areas. The urban and metropolitan area of the city is known as Greater Kuala Lumpur or the Klang Valley. Greater Kuala Lumpur ... Read More »

The Great Pyramid of Giza, The Present Egypt

pyramid of giza

The place Giza is actually a governorate of Cairo which is the capital of Egypt. Cairo is generally referred to as ‘a city in its own’. Giza is heavily populated place in the Cairo metropolis. The world famous Pyramids of Giza are known as the best part of Cairo. Nowadays Cairo is known because of Giza. The Pyramids of Giza ... Read More »

New York City – The Cultural Capital of the World

Statue of Liberty seen from the Circle Line ferry, Manhattan, New York

Arguably one of the greatest cities in the world, New York, is the epitome of what a developed, cosmopolitan city should be like. The most populous city in the United States of America and one of the most populous in the world, New York has a charm that has attracted millions of people from all parts of the world to ... Read More »