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Amalgamation of Culture and Modernization – Timphu


  Thimphu is the capital city of The Land of the Thunder Dragon, or as it is commonly known, Bhutan. It is a small, happy country tucked away in the Eastern Himalayas, with a rich and expressive culture. It is perhaps one of the few countries that have managed to retain their traditions and old-world charm inspite of the technological ... Read More »

Playing with Pasta and Cheese: Italian Cuisine


Influenced by ancient Greek and Roman, Italian cuisine is as old as 4th century. It is one of the most popular cuisines in the world with the rich variety in taste and diverse flavors. The main quality of this cuisine is its simplicity. The dishes in Italian style are made only with four to eight ingredients and all the cooks ... Read More »

The Irresistible Noodles and Soyas – Chinese Cuisine


Originating from miscellaneous regions of China, Chinese Cuisine is very famous not only among the people of China but among people from all over the world. There is definitely a history behind the Chinese Cuisine in China but the story differs from area to area because of their imperial fashions, climate and local favorites. With time, the cuisines of all ... Read More »

Flavouring every Dish with Butter: Punjabi Cuisine

makki ki roti

Punjab is a state in Northern region of India. The cuisine of Punjab consists of the food from India as well as a few items from eastern regions of Pakistan. It includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food with mixture of flavors. Punjabi cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in India and abroad. Any Indian restaurant, anywhere in the ... Read More »

The Pink Beaches, Islands of Bermuda


As a child, it was hard not to dream of the chocolate rivers or the clouds of candy, the gingerbread homes and the waterfalls of cream… all glimpses of a fairytale! Equally imaginary sounds a beautiful beach, with yellow sun, blue water and pink sand! In fact this is not imagination but a true creation on this earth – the ... Read More »

Wildlife in its Wildest Form – Serengeti


  We have all have originated from its magic, it has for centuries given us our livelihoods, our food and the scenic splendor which we all so love to adore, this thing I am talking about is known in common parlance as Nature. There are only a few places left on our planet which can take us back to that ... Read More »

The Swarovski Factory in Wattens, Austria


The Swarovski factory is the crystal factory located at Wattens in Austria. It is the second most visited place in the world. It is one of the major attraction for the tourist people who visit Austria and all over the globe. It is a museum compromising of many crystal structures and the designs made their of glass cutting. Till today ... Read More »

Crippling traffic and vibrant street life – Bangkok


  Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a home to eleven million inhabitants. By far it is the largest city of Thailand. People of the world know this city by many names. The city of angels, magnificent city of the nine gems, erected by Visvakarman st Indra’s behest, city of royal places, great city of immortals, seat of the king ... Read More »

El Caminito Del Ray, Spain


This is one of the most surprising of structures in the world, well, you cannot even call it a structure as a matter of fact! Besides, there is a story behind how this path got a very famous name that it bears till date. The reason is that it has emerged as one of the world’s most dangerous and most ... Read More »