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Siem Reap: Great Gate to Angkor


  The capital city of Siem Reap Province is a famous town, situated in the northwestern Cambodia. The name of the city, Siem Reap, was given by the King Ang Chan (1516 to 1566) as per the oral tradition. The name means “the flat defeat of Siam”. The king named it that way because of the defeat of the Siamese ... Read More »

Rajasthan – Enchantment of the Desert


A jewel of the sub-continent, Rajasthan, is one of the most enchanting regions of the country and Asia at large. The Land of the Kings which has been the epitome of warriors, history, culture, heritage and language is today one of the most written about and traveled to places in the world. The romance which started with the formation of ... Read More »

The Quaint and Beautiful Pondicherry, India


The beautiful and serene town of Pondicherry often called as the “The Europe of India” was a French colony till 1954. The town architecturally has a rich cultural heritage, owing to the colonial structures as well as Tamil influences in many buildings. Some of the major tourist attractions include: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Sri Aurobindo Ghosh founded the ashram in 1926. ... Read More »

Silicon Valley – Synonym to Advanced Technology and Innovations


Silicon Valley is a pet name for the San Francisco Bay Area’s South Bay portion in Northern California, United States. The Valley is stretched about in the same area as Santa Clara valley along with the surrounded areas like San Jose and other towns where most of industries are located. The Valley is actually a home for world’s largest technology ... Read More »

Behind the Hills – Pacifica, California


Pacifica is a small city situated in the middle of the hills of central part of north California and the coastal beaches which are stretched all the ways for around 10 km. The city of Pacifica is surrounded by the rocky bluff of Pacific Ocean in the west; it is covered by Montara Mountains in the south and by the ... Read More »

Hong Kong – Expansive Skyline and Deep Harbours

Hong Kong

There are two Special Administrative Regions (SAR) of China: Macau and Hong Kong. Hong Kong, being one of the SAR of the People’s Republic of China, is a very major city in the country. Located on the southern coast of China, bounded by South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong covers a land of 1104 square kilometers. ... Read More »

Moai Head Statues, Easter Islands

img 1

The Moai statues are the monolithic wonders that have fascinated archaeologists for so long that they had been named Ghosts of Easter Islands (carved by the Rapa Nui people).  In history, these people were the natives of the Easter Islands,  which were also called Rapa Nui  and lie in the Pacific Ocean. These people have a culture which is many ... Read More »

Hidden Beach, Marieta Island, Mexico

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We have all seen beaches- some beautiful and others even more beautiful! But it is a lesser known fact that there is a beach on this earth which is practically invisible to the eye, unless, the person knows where to get into it! It is a beach which anybody from outside cannot see but the people on the beach can ... Read More »