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Chiang Mai: Rose of the North


Chiang Mai is the city in Northern Thailand that houses more than a million people in the metropolitan area and a population of around 170 thousand in the main area of the city. The name ‘Chiang Mai’ in Thailand means ‘New City’ and is popularly called ‘Chiengmai’. The city lies along the river Ping and has become a very modern ... Read More »

Mighty and Majestic: The Mountains of Japan

Mt Tate, Mountains in Japan

Japan is known for its cultural heritage and the harmonious intermingling of the classic and the contemporary. Japan’s topography is also blessed with rivers, lakes, mountains among others that are epitome of unspoiled natural beauty. The mountains in Japan are a heaven for hikers and offer marvelous and majestic sights and experiences for all travelers. Mount Fuji Among Japan’s Three ... Read More »

Oktoberfest – Every beer Lover’s dream come True.


BEER! BEER! BEER! those are the words most heard in this crazy, gigantic and the largest fair of the world known to the world as the Oktoberfest and the locals as simply Wiesn, the name for the grounds at which it is celebrated every year. Oktoberfest is the greatest and largest people’s fair held in the world at the moment ... Read More »

Rich in Aroma, Taste and History: French Cuisine

Coq au Vin

Any mention of food is incomplete without mentioning the French Cuisine, whose influence can be seen on most other western cuisines. France the city of lovers is also a food lover’s heaven, with its diverse and delicious culinary offerings. The different cooking traditions in France are all the more significant as they have been perfected over centuries through various experimentation. ... Read More »

Walk of Fame and More: Hollywood, LA


The district of Hollywood in Los Angeles, California has become synonymous with United States’ Motion Pictures Industry. The area saw the development of the entertainment industry during early 20th century. Today this is a major hub for movie productions, and several historic studios and theaters can be found here. This area boasts of people of diverse ethnicity and is a ... Read More »

Seoul: The Land of Morning Calm


Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and is the largest metropolis in there. It is officially known as the ‘Seoul Special City’. It houses over 11.8 million people and the Seoul Capital Area is the second largest metropolitan area in the world. The city is 2000 years old and is situated on the river Han and is surrounded ... Read More »

Philippines: The Pearl of the Orient Seas


The Republic of Philippines is located in the western Pacific Ocean and is a self-governing island country. The location of Philippines is close to the equator and that’s why this place is prone to typhoons and earthquakes. Around 99 million people live there in the space of 115,831 square meters. Thus, the country stands at the seventh position in the ... Read More »