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Adventurous Walk at Bay Of Fires, Tasmania


The Bay of Fires got its name in 1773 by some Tobias Furneaux and has this name due to the presence of some fires of Aboriginal people on this bay. The Bay is located on the north eastern coast of Tasmania which is located in Australia. The Bay is extended from Binalong Bay and goes till the Eddystone Point. The ... Read More »

The Beautiful Peninsula of Southern Europe: Italy


The Beautiful Peninsula of Southern Europe, Italy, has been the ultimate manifestation of beauty, art, civilization, republic, society and together with Greece the founder of Western Culture and Ethics. A country whose landscape is as diverse as the number of rulers at have ruled its lands, whose history is perhaps one of the most decorated and widely written about in ... Read More »

The Exotic Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland


Located in the mountainous regions of Finland, Saariselka is a village and a famous tourist spot. This place comes under the Inari municipality and is situated 300 meters above the sea level in the Northern Lapland. Hiking, spa and skiing are the activities for which the place is popular. In this Saariselka village, there is a beautiful and famous hotel ... Read More »

Munich-During the Oktoberfest


Munich is the largest city as well as the capital of the state of Bavaria in Germany. The city is situated north of the Bavarian Alps on the river Isar. The city gets its name from the founders of the city who were monks of the Benedictine order.  The city served as the seat of Bavarian Dukes. Munich has a ... Read More »

Antartica: The Coldest Land on Earth


Earth’s southernmost continent and the coldest continent on Earth, the Antarctica is the geographical south pole of the globe surrounded by southern ocean. Etymologically the word means opposite of Arctic which means the North Pole whereas the word Antarctic defines as the South Pole. It is one of those continents with approximately 14,000,000 km square area, which is 1.3 times ... Read More »

The Bottlenose BlueZ, Bahamas

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The Blue lagoon as the name suggests is a store house of the immense water body in the Bahamas. One of the finest pieces of natural being that was developed by the almighty lies three miles from a city Nassau in Bahamas. It serves as one of the finest destination for tourist owned privately. The blue lagoon holds an immense ... Read More »