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Cayman Islands – The Caribbean Heaven


What makes a holiday special? Is it just about going to a new place and spending time doing nothing? Or does it have something to do with what you do when you are vacationing? Cayman Islands don’t let you ponder this question. How does it do it? It is a combination of some of the most breathtaking natural scenery that ... Read More »

Spain – the Exotic Country of Europe


The exotica unparalleled of Europe, Spain, is among the most naturally beautiful countries of the world with great history, culture, folklore, enthusiastic and hospitable people and great food. The country located in the south-western part of Europe and occupying the dominant share of the Iberian Peninsula was considered to be the furthest tip of the world or the edge before ... Read More »

Longmire’s Paradise: Mount Rainier National Park


Mount Rainier National Park is a form of paradise famous for the wildflower meadows and its splendid view. It is called paradise because when James Longmire’s daughter-in-law, Martha had a first look on the garden, she cried, “Ah what a paradise!” The park’s central visiting center known as the Paradise Jackson Visitor Center is situated in the upper parking area ... Read More »