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The Waves in Symphony: Costa Rica


The Republic of Costa Rica is quite a small country situated in the central America and is surrounded by Panama (from south), Nicaragua (from north), the Caribbean Sea (from east) and the Pacific Ocean (from west). Costa Rica is divided into six regions. The main cities of Costa Rica are Cartago, San Jose, Heredia, Dominical, Puerto Limon, Alajuela, Liberia, Quesada ... Read More »

Wonderlands of Indonesia


Indonesia, the fourth most populous country , is A home of 238 million people. With approximately 17,508 islands, Indonesia offers few of the world’s most exotic beaches , beautiful temples and a breathtaking view of the vast Indian Ocean and wide Pacific waters. JAKARTA Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and has got a big number of 140 Chinese ... Read More »

There’s Something For Everyone – Singapore


Singapore is  one of the world’s most prosperous countries and had shown tremendous growth after independence. A small country in south-east Asia that is one of the World’s most important trading hubs. It is said to be only shopping complex to have a seat in United Nations. The city is very well planned. Its economy depends on its tourism sector. ... Read More »

The Melody Of Water : Angel falls, Venezuela


The Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world with an amazing height of over 300o feet. The waterfall is on the Kerep River called Kerepacupai or the Gauja River which ultimately meets a tributary of Carrao River called the River Churun. Angel Falls is one of the topmost tourist attractions in Venezuela. The trip to the Angel Falls ... Read More »

Go Sky Diving In Pattaya


Love adventures and don’t fear heights? Then Pattaya is the place for you and Sky is the playground. Pattaya is a sea site resort on the Eastern Gulf Coast in Thailand just less than two hours from Bangkok. Fashionably, Pattaya has much to offer to its visitors. Everything is reasonably priced and varied whether it’s accommodation or entertainment. Pattaya is ... Read More »

Taming the Wilderness: Lion Safari, South Africa

Lion Safari, SA

South Africa, or officially the Republic of South Africa is a country known for its diversity both in terms of the landscapes as well as the mixture of prevailing cultures. South Africa is a must visit place for all adventure lovers, and people who want to spend time in nature’s lap. Spectacular opportunities to observe the stately lion within the ... Read More »