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Monuments Steeped in Prehistory: Malta


In southern Europe, located in the Mediterranean Sea is the country of Malta. This country has some spectacular beaches, and is blessed with natural abundance. Interspersed among this scenic terrain are the ruins and monuments dating back to the prehistorical times, as well as the comparatively recent reminders of different rulers in Malta’s history. The Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Spaniards, French, ... Read More »

At the Top of the World: Burj Khalifa

Twilight falls in Dubai

How many Middle Eastern Kings (also called emirs) does it take to change a light bulb? Only one. But it will have the tallest and most luxurious building in the world around it! And it will cost about USD $1.5 billion. Think that is too much for a light bulb? Not when the bulb is in Burj Khalifa. Called Burj ... Read More »

Where Bargains Matter- Dragon mart Dubai

dm 2

Where you can find one in a million or Millions of one! Doesn’t this line tell you everything? This tag with an interesting name lends to a certain eastern charm to the place. Our mind advertently wanders off to a place resembling a carnival with people entertaining with their craft and hordes and hordes of stuff that will catch your ... Read More »

Of Colors and Birds: Jurong Bird Park, Singapore


Admit it or not! Each and everybody of us have wished, at least once, we could fly in the sky like a bird. We all know that birds are the symbol of freedom and being ourselves. Jurong Bird Park, Asia Pacific’s largest bird park, tries to define the lives of these flying beauties. This park is situated in Singapore and ... Read More »

The Land Of Shopping Lovers: Korea


INTRODUCTION Korea has its origin from the name  “Corea”, a name attested in English as early as 1614.The Republic of Korea is a small country on the eastern far end of Asia. While considering the country in terms of its land area, it is in 109th place, whereas, it is far ahead of other countries in economic activities, culture and ... Read More »

Oils Spills to Rebounding: The Gulf Coast, USA

gulf coast1

The Gulf Coast or the South Coast refers to the coasts of the states of America that lie along the Gulf of Mexico. These states comprise of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. All the states lie in the southern region of the United States of America. The Gulf Coast has a rich economy owing to industries set up in ... Read More »

Thrilling Adventures in Thailand


Thailand is an astonishing territory with lots of Buddhist temples, prominent wildlife and fabulous islands. Thailand has a very enthralling history attached with it along with its rich unique culture, its famous Thai food and massage. The people of Thailand are very friendly and modern that actually typifies Thailand as the “Land Of Smiles”. With the smiley nature people of ... Read More »

There’s Nothing like the Yorkshire Pudding


 Yorkshire puddings are deservedly popular around the UK. Yorkshire is famous for its traditional cuisines. There are several dishes which are originated in Yorkshire and are heavily associated with it. Among these the famous and best known dish is Yorkshire pudding. Yorkshire is also famous for curd tart with roast water, parkin, beverage ginger and Liquorice sweet. But mostly for ... Read More »

Without Whistles and Bullet Trains: Inland Sea, Japan


In 1962 Donald Richie went on an island hopping expedition and maintained a journal of his travels and exploits; he got this published as a book in the year 1971 and this is what the Times magazine had to say about it, “Earns (The book) its place on the very short shelf of books on Japan that are of permanent ... Read More »

For the love of sushi : Koji’s Playa Hermosa

Koji's Restaurant at Santa Teresa,Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is situated in Costa Rica which is a country in Central America. Hermosa means ‘beautiful’ in Spanish is an aptly names grey sand beach that finds its location between two mountains. There are two playa Hermosa in Costa Rica, one is situated in Guanacaste and the other one is situated in the Central Pacific coast near Jaco. This ... Read More »