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The Just married would know: Aitutaki, Cook Islands


The Cook Islands are well known for their stunning beauty, crystal clear water and tranquil setting. The archipelago transports you to some other world away from the mundane worries of your daily life. The most romantic of the lot is probably the Aitutaki which is the archetypal romantic getaway that promises honeymooners a blissful time away from the world. Here ... Read More »

Khajuraho Temples, India: Paean to Passion


One of the most potent symbols of Medieval art in India survives in the form of the Khajuraho temples in the Chatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. It is about 620 kilometers south east of New Delhi and is India’s best known complex of Hindu and Jain temples. The walls of the temple are adorned with exquisite signature sculpture which speak ... Read More »

Of Thailand and Thai Curry!


Thai curry is the shortcut to gain a true favor of Thailand. The curry not only represents the tastes of the Thai people, but also the ingredients, the dishes and the famous cuisines all of which are together termed as the Thai curry. A typical Thai curry dish is prepared from curry paste, milk of coconut, seafood or meat, vegetables ... Read More »

Have a shake with the Sheikh- Burj-Al-Arab, Dubai


Burj Al Arab is claimed to be the one and only 7-star hotel in the world. Although it is disputed that ratings can not go higher than 5 stars, yet this luxury hotel, which is the fourth tallest hotel among all the hotels across the world, stands at a magnificent height of  1053 feet and towers over all the structures ... Read More »

Parana – Land of the Foz de Iguazu


Located in the south of the country, Parana is one of the 26 states of Brazil. It is bordered by the republic of Paraguay in the west with the Parana River as its western boundary line. Parana is one of the central tourist attractions of Brazil. It is the seat of mesmerizing monuments that are always a visual treat for ... Read More »

Of French in America: Villa Deveena, Negredrag


Want to taste the exotic French cuisine? Move to France! Okay, maybe that’s not the ideal solution for everyone. So, maybe, Villa Deveena is the right place to satisfy your craving for French food. Villa Deveena has always been the first preference for locals and tourists looking to taste authentic French food located in located in Playa Negra, Los Pargos, ... Read More »

Sicily – The Pearl of the Mediterranean


A gift of nature unlike any other, the great Mediterranean island of Sicily, is a treasure to behold in every which way. The largest island on the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has been a center of power, history, culture, civilization and learning from antiquity. The island is located to the extreme south of the mainland Italy and is only separated by ... Read More »

Of Fields and Melodies- Mount Titlis, Switzerland


Exploring a glacier cave, chairlifts over deep crevasses, permanent ice and snow at the top of the world and a revolving gondola lift.. If all these sounds amazing then Mount Titlis is the place you are looking for. Even if you are hell prepared a magical world of ice awaits you and it will have your heads spinning and will ... Read More »

The Archipelago for the Fearless: Palawan, Philippines


  Ever wondered to take a trip of to the wild side of nature? Felt like experiencing the thrill of living off in dense jungles and hunting for your own meal and living off bare minimum resources.  Maybe you need to kick in your survival skills. An archipelago off the coast  of Philippine , lies Palawan.  Originally a province of ... Read More »

Tallest Bungee Jumping Spot: Kawarau Bridge


Kawarau Bridge was made over the river, Kawarau River, in New Zealand. The bridge actually lies in the Otago Region in the southern region of New Zealand. There are many bridges that run over this Kawarau River. These bridges are Kawarau Bridge, Kawarau River Bridge, Kawarau River (Victoria) Bridge, Kawarau Falls Bridge and the Bridge of Goldfields Mining Centre. Among ... Read More »