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The Incredible Capital of Incredible India: Delhi


Delhi is the capital of India and houses the legislative, executive and judiciary bodies of Indian Government. But Delhi is not just the home for the Government but a lot of things. The Chandani Chowk, the main street of Delhi is most crowded, busiest street on Delhi which will show you that the city is alive. The Connaught Place, a ... Read More »

Heritage Landmark of India, The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai


Taj Hotels Resorts and palaces are collectives for the Indian Hotel Company Limited (IHCL) and its subsidiaries and it is renowned and recognized as one of the Asia’s largest hotel company in the world incorporated in 1902. The official founder of the Taj Group Mr. Jamsetji N. Tata incorporated its first ever hotel the property of The Taj Mahal Palace ... Read More »

A Pearl on the Roof of the World – Potala Palace: Tibet, China


The Potala Palace which is an administrative, religious and political complex is built on the Red Mountain in the centre of the Lhasa valley at an altitude of 3700 metres. It is named after MountPotalaka. The complex comprises of the WhitePalace and the RedPalace, with their ancillary buildings. The Potala, the winter palace of the Dalai Lama since the 7th ... Read More »

The Versatile Capital Of Uzbekistan: Tashkent


Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan, a country rich in its historical, archeological, architectural and natural treasures. One of the most beautiful capital cities, it holds its own history by being one of the main connecting points of the silk route connecting China to Europe. Tashkent displays a versatility of its own, with new office buildings, museums, beautiful, lush ... Read More »

The Intrinsically Romantic: Algonquin Island, Ontario

Couple's Retreat, Algonquin

Located just about ten minutes ferry ride from main city are the Toronto Islands, which constitutes of some 15 small islands. Algonquin Island is also a part of this complex. An island far removed from the constant hustle and bustle of a rapidly moving city life, Algonquin is a charming and serene retreat which offers all travelers with some spectacular ... Read More »

The Vast Lands of Tunisia

The Vast Lands of Tunisia

For those who believe that holidaying on the hills or the seas is too mainstream, there is absolutely no reason to be disappointed. More than just the Sun and the sea, the country of Tunisia occupying a slim wedge in the north of the vast African continent is an abode of distinct cultures and incredible landscapes, smeared with the spices ... Read More »

For your sweet tooth: The Story of Rosogolla


India is known for the variety of desserts available all over the country. Indeed no occasion is adequately celebrated without a hearty filling of sweets; and different regions of the country have their own signature dishes. Bengal for example has always been known for its sandesh and rosogolla (literally meaning ‘dumpling of sweet syrup’ ). A rosogolla is a sweet ... Read More »

Serenity in the Alps: Carinthia, Austria


Carinthia is the state located to the extreme south of Austria and is most known for the fantastically beautiful mountains and lakes. The language of the state is German but some few groups also speak Southern Bavarian. The state is important for Austria in aspects of the tourism industry, forestry and agriculture industry and also for the electronics and engineering ... Read More »

Get the Best of Scuba Diving at Blue Heron Bridge


Those who are visiting the West Palm Beach of Florida should definitely experience Scuba Diving at Blue Heron Bridge. This renowned place is also known by the name Phil Foster Park. PADI, the famous sports diving magazine, awarded the Blue Heron Bridge as the Best Dive Site across the world as per the records of 2013. This terrific scuba dive ... Read More »