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Switzerland – The Birthplace of Winter Tourism


Switzerland is a land locked country of central Europe sharing its borders with Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Liechtenstein. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the world enjoyed by families and lovers. It is a very popular honeymoon spot of young married couples. It also offers great opportunities to adventurous sports lovers around the world. Switzerland ... Read More »

Egypt – The Land of Pharaos


Thriving along the banks of the majestic Nile, with the remains of its glorifying history, standing upright under the hot sun, Egypt presents one of the most stunning architectures in the vast stretches of its sands. The monuments dating back to thousands of years still hold the esteem and aura of the ancient Egypt. Tour to the land of Pharos ... Read More »

Chili on spaghetti: Southern Ohio


Ohio situated at the Midwest of the America. It is famous for its visiting places as well as for its food. Outside the taxas and Cincinnati, ohio is the most chili crazed city in the united state every spicy dish has hot chili flavor what make it different is the way it served with spaghetti it is famous for its ... Read More »

The City of Landmarks: Madrid, Spain


Bustling, energetic, vibrant… Madrid churns out with energy as only a capital city could. Madrid is located in central Spain in the southwestern region of Europe. Madrid is Spain’s capital and it’s most populated too. The official language is Spanish and the currency is the Euro. The weather here is dry and Sunny. Nonetheless, this continental climate is characterized by ... Read More »

A Sinful Indulgence – Bora Bora Islands,Tahiti


If you’ve ever been entranced by the fairy-tale The Little Mermaid (1837),by Hans Christian Andersen and its popular movie adaptation by Disney in 1989 ,in your early childhood and have always wished to breathe in the depths of the sea, dine with the sea creatures jostling around you, sleep in the castles floating on the sea, ride the dolphins ,pet ... Read More »

Buenos Aires: The Heart of Latin America


Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentine Republic, is among the largest cities of Latin America. The name is of Spanish origin which means “fair winds” or “good air”. It is among the 20 largest cities of the world and third largest in Latin America. This is among the most important cities of South America and is the most visited ... Read More »

Don’t Miss Crab Cakes from Maryland

Crab Cakes

Located in the United States is the state of Maryland, having Baltimore as its largest city. There are innumerable museums, and many other natural avenues that all travelers can explore while here. But any and all itineraries of Maryland must include a chance for the travelers to savor the cuisine around here, especially the local seafood. Maryland offers a culinary ... Read More »

The City of Architecture: Rotterdam, Netherlands


Rotterdam, located about an hour south of Amsterdam by train, is often called the gateway to Europe. This port city is full of old world charm, but most of all, it is a wonder of modern architecture and design. During World War II, Germany attacked Netherlands and as a part of their strategy, the heart of Rotterdam was totally destroyed ... Read More »

Michelangelo’s Masterpiece: Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Rome


We all have heard the phrase “You can be the Michel Angelo of your life” which means that you can make your life as you want. You can paint it in any color you like. Who was Michelangelo? Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475-1564) was a brilliant Italian artist who is best known for some really amazing artistic masterpieces like ... Read More »

Rio De Janeiro Carnivals : the only way to do it right!


Think of Carnival and only one comes to mind. Rio.The carnival of Rio de Janeiro is considered to be the biggest dance floor on the earth and attracts thousands of visitors from across the world. A typical parade here will constitute of revellers, beautiful faces and their dance costumes, samba dancers dressed in their finest refinery and feathers, elaborately decorated ... Read More »