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A Shopper’s Paradise: Dubai


‘If you build it, they will come’ Sheikh Mohammed’s motto seems to be working wonders for his city, Dubai. Over the past decade the city has grown from a barren land of sand dunes to a landmark that depicts luxury, style and uniqueness. Tourists throng the city for its skyscrapers, beaches, theme parks, desert safaris, belly dancing under the star ... Read More »

For love of Fish Tacos – South California


Southern California is a place of variety of food. Its cuisines are influenced from many different cultures like Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Soul and Filipino. It is the birthplace of many American fast foods. If you want to really understand the food of South California, you must visit a farmer’s market or interact with the top celebrity chefs and ... Read More »

The Champagne Bar at Eiffel Tower, Paris


The first tourist attraction most people want to visit when on a family holiday in Paris is the Eiffel Tower which was built by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 World Fair, held to commemorate the centennial of the Revolution. The world’s tallest, at 320m, until it was eclipsed by Manhattan’s Chrysler Building some four decades later as a temporary exhibit for ... Read More »

The Cathedral of Football: Wembley Stadium, London


“The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.”  This is a famous saying among football fans and when football comes to London then there is only one place it’s going to be celebrated at. Yes, the Cathedral of Football, Wembley Stadium, which is ... Read More »

Earthly Eden: Hvitserkur, North Iceland

Hvítserkur Northweast Iceland - 005

  INTRODUCTION: The dragon, drinking water from the sea: Hvitserkur is a rock, rising like a monster from the sea at Vatnsnes Peninsula in Northern Iceland. The 15 meters high (approximately 50 feet tall) rock assumes the shape of “a dragon, drinking water from the sea”. The fact that the tip of the rock remains covered with bird droppings has ... Read More »

Of Red Indians and Carnivals – Mexico

mexico beach

    One of the most beautiful peninsular regions the Earth has ever flaunted includes Mexico. The country with a population of about 112 million has a unique charm of its own. With the wondrous Aztec architectures and its notorious reputation this place can take your heart away at a glance. In spite of Mexico being infamous for the drug ... Read More »

Visit the City of Pounding Winds: Baku, Azerbaijan


Located on the southern shore of Abs heron Peninsula, with territory covering over 2130 kilometers, Baku is capital of Azerbaijan and the largest city in the Caucasus. Baku’s name comes from Persian bad-kube meaning “the city of pounding winds”. The cold northern wind “khazri” and warm southern wind “gilavar” are typical here all year round. In addition, Baku is also ... Read More »

Rotterdam – Manhattan of the Netherlands


A city with one of the most fascinating tales of origins, Rotterdam is today one of the world’s largest and busiest economic centers with a skyline that could easily have it called “the Manhattan of Europe”. A city with the quality of ever changing itself with the times, whose citizens believe in being the best at what they do and ... Read More »

The S.S Ayrfield in Homebush Bay


On the southern banks of the famous Parramatta River in Sydney, there is an exotic bay known by the name “Homebush Bay”. The name Homebush Bay usually includes the southern and the western areas of the bay. The region was once the official suburb of Sydney but now it has become the suburbs of Sydney Olympic Park in Wentworth Point. ... Read More »

Auckland: The City of Sails


The AUCKLAND CITY  lies in the Northern islands of New Zealand. The city is the largest and most populous urban city in the whole country. Auckland has an urban population of 1,418,000 and the metropolitan population is 1,529,300 which indeed constitute of 32%and 34% of the country’s population. Auckland is the only city who has got the largest Polynesian population ... Read More »