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Island of Gods -Jeju Island


Do you want to get off from the routine life and go to some place which is heavenly? Then Jeju Island is the best place to visit this summer! It is a beautiful place with rich flora and fauna hence descended the name “island of gods”. Jeju Island which was formerly known as the Cheju Island is located in the ... Read More »

The Mediterranean Paradise: Antalya, Turkey


Wouldn’t you want to spend your holidays at a place which has 15 of the world’s top 100 hotels? A place which offers lot of waterfalls, caves and an endless beach with abundance of food and drink. It sounds like paradise and it is indeed a paradise of the Mediterranean, Antalya city, Turkey. Along with a cultural heritage deeply rooted ... Read More »

The City of Parks: Malmo, Sweden


Have you ever been to Sweden? If you have then you must have visited Malmo City. What? No!  Malmo tops the list when it comes to visiting some most of the underrated but beautiful cities in Sweden. Known as the City of Parks, because of number of key anchor parks, Malmo is a port city situated in the southern coast ... Read More »

Land often ignored, Sri Lanka


Ceylon the then called Sri Lanka homes for the kaleidoscopic view of rich cultural heritages aged from Vedic period to the bliss of flora and fauna in the 21st century. Along the bay of scenic beaches, wildlife in the soaring jungles and the essence of rich culture and its diversity is prevailing across the length and breadth of the country. ... Read More »

Saxon Switzerland National Park: Germany’s Rocky Wild


You are on a German expedition and still haven’t satiated your adventure quotient in this picturesque country. Where do you head towards? Well, the Saxon Switzerland National Park is a strong contender to fulfill your latent desires for thrilling activities such as rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and a lot more. But before we delve a little deeper into the ... Read More »

Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Mount Snowdon

Spanning a mammoth 823 miles of picturesque serenity, Snowdonia National Park in Wales can most aptly be described as a land of superlatives. Tucked away along Britain’s west coast, it bears the honour of being the oldest National Park in Wales and the third oldest in all of Britain. Established in 1951, the region is home to the Snowdon, the ... Read More »

The Majestic Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Nothing as grand and magnificent as this everlasting architectural marvel should be missed from your list of travel destinations. Should you need the ultimate experience of mankind’s architectural capabilities, The Angkor Wat temple is a place you should go to. Angkor, situated in the northern province of Siem reap, is one of the most valued site of archaeology in South ... Read More »