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Wonderful Swiss Experience: Wengen

Wengen, Switzerland

Located in Bernese Oberland in Switzerland is the village of Wengen. This extremely picturesque village offers some breath taking views of the abundant natural beauty imbued in this place and its surroundings. Situated in the lap of the Jungfrau Mountain Range and within a visible distance of Lauterbrunnen Valley, Wengen’s natural splendors are bound to leave a vivid impression in ... Read More »

Marrakech: The Red City


Marrakech is the 3rd largest imperial city of Morocco. The name Marrakech was derived from the Amazigh words- ‘mur’ and ‘ankush’, meaning ‘land of god’.  The city is situated near the popular Atlas Mountains and is at some distance from the Sahara Desert. The whole city is divided into two separate parts. First one is Medina which is the historical ... Read More »

Underground Tunnels, Durgapur, India


Durgapur is an industrial town in the state of West Bengal, India. Today it is dominated by the chimneys of industries alright, but it has not always been so. The mighty river Damodar has played an important part in its history. Durgapur in fact was home to dense forests along its fringes, called the Garh forest. Mentioned in the Puranas ... Read More »

Perth: The Fair City


The glorious capital city of Perth is in Australia. It is indeed the most isolated city in the world. The city is centered along the well-known Swan River. The city is surrounded by the Indian Ocean from west and by the Darling Scarp from the east. In Australia, it is the 4th biggest city with an overall population of 1.6 ... Read More »

Archipelago of the Azores

Azores 1

About 950 miles west of Lisbon lies the stunning archipelago of the Azores. It is a conglomerate of nine volcanic islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Often described as the tips of the lost continent of Atlantis, the islands have an Old World charm around them that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe. It seems as if Mother ... Read More »

The Old World Charm of Finland’s Capital: Helsinki

Helsinki, Market Square

Helsinki, the capital of Finland since 19th century, was founded in the year 1550. This modern and urbanized city still manages to hold on to an old world charm, that makes it very popular among tourists. Helsinki offers many architectural, cultural and natural avenues for the visitors to explore. Helsinki is easily accessible through air, rail and road services. One ... Read More »

The Canterbury Cathedral: An Oasis for the Soul


The most famous Christian structure in Southern England, the Canterbury Cathedral has a distinct place for itself in history. The construction of the cathedral started in the 7th century and ever since then, it has been torn down, rebuilt, refurbished and modified over a course of 1300 years. Needless to say, the Canterbury Cathedral is unique in its own way. ... Read More »

The Grand and Majestic City: Dubrovnik, Croatia


Want to make the most of your upcoming holidays? Then Dubrovnik is the place. It is a unique city and somehow amazing place as your first glimpse of the town especially when descending along the airport road can easily turn out to be a heat stopping, love at first sight experience. Dubrovnik is Croatia’s most popular tourist destination, a walled, ... Read More »

Abode of Mysticism-The Golden Pagoda,Bylakuppe, Karnataka


      Its amusing how always the images of higher altitudes cloud our eyes every time we talk about the Tibetan Community, or the high mounted multi-tiered pagodas or monasteries, in India. Though a visit to Tibet is not one of the many options people opt for owing to its inaccessible nature for common tourists, we do have a little Tibet ... Read More »

From Fruits to Smoothies: Foods Of California


California is the place where people fully rely on eating healthy food grown by organic methods and all the vegetables, fruits come from farmer’s farm. California produces about 80% of all the fruits and vegetables in US. Due to its Mediterranean climate there, it’s very well suited  for farming. The lifestyle of people is such that they are very health-conscious ... Read More »