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Daman and Diu-The Twin Islands


Daman and Diu, the twin islands are home to virgin natural beauty and serenity. The islands of Daman and Diu make for the second smallest union territory in the country.  The islands are situated in the west coast of India in the midst of Arabian Sea. The islands were under the control of Portuguese for over 450 years. A long ... Read More »

Sea Kayaking – Pattaya

Sea Kayaking

If one were to answer what attracts a man other than forests and mountains, the answer has to be definitely the Sea. From Magellan to Vasco da Gama, man has always responded diligently to the call of the waters. If you are one of those who can feel the thrill of the seas, just by hearing the roar of the ... Read More »

Lahore – The Land of Legacy


Lahore, in Pakistan is the capital city of Punjab province. Lahore is a metropolitan and the second largest city in the country. Before partition and formation of Pakistan Lahore was a part of India and therefore has a long and rich cultural history dating back over a millennium. After partition the city has developed into a leading economic, political, education, ... Read More »

Jaffa Gate’s Tower of David

The Citadel/Tower of David

Tower of David is a very famous citadel which was built in the ancient times. This monument is situated near the Jaffa Gate entrance which is an historic entrance that leads to the Old City of Jerusalem. This is a museum of the History of Jerusalem and presents the story of Jerusalem in the best way. The main idea of ... Read More »

Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

Saigon skyline

Ever wondered to visit a city which offers modernistic amenities and lifestyle yet remains culturally grounded to its roots, the ones where skyscrapers and historical architecture resides beside each other. Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam offers a kaleidoscopic view of its past and present. Offered  with tales of history and royalty intermingled  in a dynamic urban sense . Ho ... Read More »

Barbados – An Idyllic Caribbean Island

Eastern Barbados

Caribbean Islands are known for their Beaches. Barbados is known for beaches and a lot of other things. Apart from having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Barbados has a combination of hotels, luxury options and much more. What’s unique about Barbados is that it suites all sorts of budgets. You can find things to do in ... Read More »