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The Remarkable Beauty of Butchart Gardens


The Butchart Gardens are the gardens located near Victoria (Vancouver Island) in Brentwood Bay in British Columbia, Canada. These gardens have a floral display which is one of the finest in the world. More than a million tourists visit this place every year. These gardens are so renowned worldwide that they are given the designation of one of the ‘National ... Read More »

Of Designers in Budget, Ladies Street, Hong Kong

ladies market, hongkong

 ‘Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.’ – Bo Derek. And when that shopping is a good deal of bargain and under budget, it becomes the reason of real joy, happiness and a silly feel of achievement. Ladies market or ladies street gets you the real joy of shopping. Its located at tung choi ... Read More »

Of Clubhouse Days – Disneyland, Honk Kong


There are hardly a few people in this world who do not miss their childhood and the freedom it provided. A place to forget all your worries and leave back all the problems can be found in the magical world of the Disneyland. A visit to this fairyland truly takes you to your dream world where there are no deadlines ... Read More »

Uncharted African Safari-Planet Baobab,Gweta,Botswana


If the title misleads you into thinking that Planet Baobab is a completely new planet in our solar system, made available to the most enthusiastic daring and exotic travellers of all time, my unbound apologies awaits your affirmation . Though the intention wasn’t that of misleading, the high hopes of experiencing the most exotic and out-of-the world holiday spot ever, ... Read More »

Borra Guhalu, Borra Caves, Visakhapatnam


The most refreshing thing for a man is the connection he finds with mother nature, away from all the hustle and all the commotion. A little while away from all of it to know how extravagant our planet is one thing everyone should have. The Borra Caves in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, India are a major tourist attraction in ... Read More »

Archipelago in the Indian Ocean- Seychelles


Do you love to travel? How about a trip to a group of wonderful islands spanning an archipelago in the Indian Ocean? If you are guessing that I am talking about the 155 islands of Seychelles, then you have got it right! Officially called the Republic of Seychelles, the country has Victoria as its capital, some 1500 kilometres off the ... Read More »

Shop like a king-Dubai Mall


Love to shop? So, are you the kind of a person who likes to go around and check out different stuff? If the answer is no, then Dubai mall is the place to be! Placed aptly in the middle of the city to attract tourists and locals as well, the Dubai mall is a mixture of cultural pride, architectural wonder ... Read More »

St. John, US Virgin Islands – the Love City


St. John is a very beautiful island among many in the Caribbean Sea. It is a part of the district of US Virgin States, USVI. It is situated to the east of Saint Thomas at a distance of about four miles having a population of 4,170 humans. It was discovered by the most famous explorer – Columbus during his second ... Read More »

Solitaire of Palm Jumeirah: Atlantis, the Palm Resort

aquaventure, atlantis

‘Money can’t buy happiness  ? Habibi come to Dubai!’ One of the biggest attraction of Dubai, Atlantis the palm hotel resort is like a solitaire to the crescent  of palm jumeirah. With its enviable location atop the crescent of palm island, Atlantis, the palm has redefined tourism in dubai as the first integrated entertainment resort. The first view of Atlantis, ... Read More »