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Borivali National Park: the Oasis of Mumbai


Situated in the thriving metropolis of Mumbai, the Borivali National Park is like a giant oasis of diversity. This large area has dense tropical forests, a large variety of exquisite animals, birds, reptiles and is often called as the ‘Lungs of Mumbai.’ This large area of a hundred and four square kilometres is protected and preserved from the crowds and ... Read More »

Telemark Canal, Norway

Telemark railway connection

‘A gorgeous view of south-east Norway’ Excellent place to catch Norwegian wildlife and perhaps do some painting, relaxing or photography.There is a spectacular flight of locks here on the Telemark canal, and a hydro electric scheme. There are fine restaurants.it is now possible to experience the Telemark Canal by ferry, charter boats, your own boat, canoes and kayaks. In addition, ... Read More »

The Beautiful land of Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan 2

Formerly called Pagan, Bagan is one of the worlds ancient and greatest archaeological sites located in the Mandalay region of Burma. It covers almost 26 square mile area of the south of Mandalay with the Ayeyarwady River drifting past its northern and western sides. The city was the political, economical and cultural centre of the Kingdom of Pagan from the ... Read More »

Gold Coast – Beauty and the Beach


Somewhere in east Australia, if you spot a coastline so radiantly blue with glinting sands that makes you gasp by its beauty, you’ve most probably reached Gold Coast in Queensland. Its only a drive away (about 50 miles) from Brisbane the state capital. Blessed with nature’s finest, it is both affordable and exquisitely beautiful to trot around. The weather at ... Read More »

Kaas Plateau: The Flower-land of Maharashtra

Nature Lyrics

Kaas plateau, known for it’s wild, but beautiful rare species of flowers, also known as flower paradise of Indian state of Maharashtra. The name of Kaas plateau is originated from the kaasa tree, in which leafs of kaasa tree turns red from green as matures. Kaas plateau falls under the Sahayadri ranges of western ghats and is now a UNESCO ... Read More »

Oxford of India – Pune

Shinde chhatri

Truly a city of virtue according to its name Punyanagri (Pune) is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It is not only famous for the education it offers, but also is renowned for the history and delicacies from street to five star restaurants that it greets its visitors with. Situated just besides the bustling metropolis of Mumbai on the Deccan plateau, ... Read More »

Angkor: The Archaeological Park of Cambodia

Angkor Archaeological Park

Angkor is no doubt the most important and impressive archaeological sites in the entire Southeast Asia.  This archaeological park covers an area of 400 square kilometres which also includes the forested area. Angkor Park actually includes the impressive remains of some capitals that belong to the Khmer Empire of the old 9th as well as 15th centuries. The Angkor Wat ... Read More »

Crystal Ice Cave,Iceland

Magical Skaftafell Ice Cave

The ice caves in Skaftafell sometimes also called as Crystal Caves.These ice caves in the Icelandic glaciers are a truly mesmerizing wonder of nature.Ice caves are temporary structures that appear at the edge of glaciers.These stunning blue ice caves which stretch as far as the eye can see are one of Iceland’s national treasures.Some of the magic beauty of glacier ... Read More »

The Hills of Skardu, Pakistan


Skardu is the capital town of Baltistan, Pakistan. It is situated at a height of about 2500 metres from the sea level. As there are many similarities in the culture, lifestyle and architecture of Baltistan with Tibet, it is popularly known as Tibet-e-Khurd meaning Little Tibet. It is a major tourist spot of Baltistan as it is very famous for ... Read More »

Heaven Among the Sands: Bronte Beach, Sydney

Bronte beach, sydney

For an idyllic seaside holiday, it doesn’t get much better than the glistening, white sandy beaches down under. With a number of world class beaches in every major city, Australia dominates the beach scene like none other. Hidden in the shadows of Sydney’s larger, more iconic beaches, Bronte Beach on the East Coast may well be the region’s best kept ... Read More »