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Sagano Bamboo Forest,Japan

  Sagano Bamboo Forest is one of the most significant natural place in Japan.It is one of the top sights with lengthy stalks of bamboos in the mid forest.Thousands of bamboos are lined together one after another which is nearly 150 feet high,straight as pillars standing like disciplined soldiers who are waiting for a combat. Location: The Sagano  Bamboo Forest ... Read More »

Strawberry Paradise – Mahableshwar


The marvel of the encompassing mountains and the chilly yet soothing breeze outside makes this a perfect hill station for a short trip. Mahableshwar is situated in Satara district of Maharashtra and is one of the favorite hill stations of the people of this state. Quiet easily accessible by road, the place can be comfortably reached with no difficulties in ... Read More »

To Greater Heights: Mount Roraima


Nature as an able sculptor has decorated this world with imposing structures that leave us awestruck. One of the oldest natural mountain formations, Mount Roraima is one such structure. It plays hide and seek with the clouds and threatens to touch the sky. Also known as Roraima Tepui or Cerro Roraima, it forms a natual border between three countries- Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana in ... Read More »

Cu Chi tunnels, Vietnam’s relic


The Vietnam war left behind paged of history, radical defense systems and war strategies that was wholly the invention of the Vietnamese. The singular conception of all these put together is what remains today as the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam. These tunnels that cover the length of a whole city under the was literally, a ground breaking strategy drawn ... Read More »

Shaoguan, China


Shaoguan is a prefecture level city located in the north of Guangdong province in the Republic of China. To the northwest it borders Hunan and to its northeast is Jiangxi. It is also home to the remains of the sixth Zen Buddhist patriarch Huineng. It is very famous for its surrounding nature and the hot springs. This is the major ... Read More »


arkhum asylum

Where movie and its characters come to life and get you from reel life of theirs in real life! Warner brothers Movie world is one of Australia most popular theme park, in the city of Gold Coast, Queensland. Opened in June 1991, the movie related theme park is entertaining and serving its visitors with all the fun packed adventure, rides, ... Read More »


kolhapur mahalakshmi temple

  Kolhapur is known as the land of religious and ancient temples with lots of significance. Kolhapur is one of the typical Maharashtrian city which makes Maharashtra proud for its various reasons. Kolhapur is aslo termed as ‘Dakshin Kashi’, which means a prosperous city with joy all around. Kolhapur is located in the south west of Maharashtra along with the ... Read More »



  Ajmer known for its various religious beliefs, faiths and culture is located in the royal state of Rajasthan, India. Centuries back Ajmer was also known as Ajaymeru and now formerly known as Ajmere. Ajmer is also one of the pilgrimage place with great importance for Muslims as the famous tomb of Sufi saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti is located here. ... Read More »

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park


Volcanoes are some of the most beautiful sites our nature has sprouted aren’t they? The liquid fires and long glowing embers remind us of earth’s ethereal beauty. But with streams of fire hot lava shooting out, our best bet of witnessing one is only possible on national geographic. Because volcanoes aren’t exactly picnic spots or parks. But what if they ... Read More »

Izmir, Turkey


Izmir is the third largest town in Turkey located on the coastline of Aegean Sea having a population of about 3.5 million residents. It is also the second largest sea port after Istanbul and also a very good transport hub. It is a rapidly growing city. This place has been a popular destination for many years now and also has ... Read More »