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Gujarat: The Jewel of the West


India is a country famous for its culture, temples and food. The ‘Jewel of the West’ i.e., Gujarat, in the North-West coast of India is a major state in India with an area of 196,024 km2 and a population of 60,439,692. Some of the major cities of Gujarat are Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda, Bhuj, Rajkot, Bhavnagar and many others. It shares ... Read More »

For the Bibliophile: College Street, Kolkata


Kolkata (erstwhile, Calcutta) is a picture of paradoxes. It is a city which is ready to take on the future and yet clings on longingly into its Colonial past. A city of nostalgia. A city that is a daily celebration of  the human existence. It is ‘the city of joy’, indeed. As the former capital of British India, the city ... Read More »

The Extraordinary City of Bozeman, Montana

Billings skyline downtown

Montana is also known as the Cowboy Capitol and mainly famous for numerous mountain ranges, the big sky country, basketball, museums, famous celebrities and high standard lifestyle. The name Montana is derived from Spanish language which means mountains and it is obvious because the state is surrounded by sky high mountains. This recognition is gained by Montana because of its ... Read More »

Coastal Endeavor of Maharashtra – Alibaug

Kashid beach

  An array of beaches tickles a lot of fun-loving people and is totally amusing when it comes to short trips. If the trip has an added favor of water sports and lush green coconut trees lined up just besides the beach then it is simply the place to hang out. The cherry on the cake is the sea food ... Read More »

Haridwar- The Holy City


Haridwar is one of the most sanctified pilgrimage places in Uttarakhand state of India. It is regarded as one of the primordial city which is located on the foothills of Himalayas. It is also known as flow path of esteemed River Ganga. It offers you harmony, serenity and a glimpse of Indian early traditions. It is broadly believed that by ... Read More »

The City of Discovery: Pasadena, California


A place offering some exotic locations, pleasant environment, delicious food, comfortable accommodation, supportive people, good transportation, healthy nightlife, these are the characteristics that a tourist desires from his destination. Pasadena, the dynamic city of California, surely has all these qualities and may be that is the reason it is called the City of Discovery. An interesting blend of charm, culture, ... Read More »

Where the medieval and the modern co-exist- Hanoi, Vietnam


With a steep past and the impression of hostility along the pretty natural landscapes and scenic spots, Hanoi, the Capital City of Vietnam has been one of the topmost tourist destinations of the world. This historic 1000 year old place has many a tale to tell. This beautiful capital city lies in the northern part of the Mekong Delta. This ... Read More »

The Land less traveled, Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa surrounded by the countries namely Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique. It is a land of diversity full of natural wonders and unrivalled natural beauty. This country is made up of plateaus and many beautiful sceneries. It also has a diverse range of landscapes ranging from mountainous terrains to grasslands. This country also ... Read More »

Maharashtra tourism- Discover a whole new world


Maharashtra is located in the western region of India. It is popularly known for its diverse culture and language. Basically Maharashtra is famous for all of its multi dimensional availability and tradition related to standard of living, cuisines, tourist places, locations etc. There is a great existence of dynamic nature and culture altogether. Great history of emperors and their palaces ... Read More »

Visit the City of Tampa, Florida


Florida may be famous for man made wonders like Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World but it also has abundance of natural beauty lying in some of its amazing cities. The city that tops the list is Tampa, a small but stimulating city located on the west coast of Florida. Tampa is also county seat of Hillsborough County and ... Read More »