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The Blue Pearl of Morocco- Chefchaouen


If you wish to elope away to an isolated place, far away from the city hustle bustle, however without having cut off all necessary metropolitan ties, then a small, beautiful rural city at Northwest edge of Morocco awaits your arrival. Shrouded in the midst of the Rif Mountains of the northwest Morocco, lies Chefchaouen, a sleepy and secretive mountain refuge, ... Read More »

The Fantastic City of Greensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro, North Carolina

If you love shopping, sightseeing, adventurous sports and horses then there is no better place to visit in the whole world than Greensboro, North Carolina. With more than 135 attractions, 500 restaurants and 87 accommodation choices, Greensboro is one of the most visited cities of North Carolina. Greensboro is the third most populous city in North Carolina and county seat ... Read More »

Panjin Red Beach – China

Panjin beach

Remember the line from a Bollywood movie which says, ‘Take the world and paint it red’? When you visit the Panjin beach, you realize that nature has taken this line too seriously. A vast spread of bright red carpet of a sea weed that extends in front of your eyes, is a mesmerizing view altogether. The Panjin Red Sea beach ... Read More »

Nottingham Castle,England


Location and Approach: This Nottingham castle is situated in Nottingham,England.It is situated on a high rock,Nottingham Castle provides spectacular views of the the city.The Nottingham Castle Museum is situated 200 meters up a steep hill from the main gatehouse entrance.From that way there is a access for pedestrians through the gatehouse archway which has some sort of a typical entrance ... Read More »

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Japan

hiroshima dome

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is situated in the city of Hiroshima, which happens to be the largest Island in Japan. The city is popularly known as the first city to be targeted by a nuclear weapon when USA dropped an atomic bomb on it during the end of World War 2. The park was built on an open field, which ... Read More »

Göbekli Tepe: the oldest temple

Gopekli Tepe layout 8000bc

Man work and workshop have bonds deeper than any of us have imagined.  From the ancient time till today we seem to be drawn to the idea of the God’s home, the temple.  We visit it, find peace and connect with it. We admire the work and the story behind it. It is more than the glitz of sin-lands and ... Read More »

Sigiriya: The Lion rock of Sri Lanka


Sigiriya also known as the Lion Rock is to be found deep in the middle of Sri Lanka in the green tropical forests. It is an ancient palace which was built by King Kasyapa and is situated in the central Matale District near the town of Dambulla of the Central Province, Sri Lanka. This is a historical and archaeological site ... Read More »

Mani Mahesh Yatra


  Though in most of the countries in India, many beautiful mountains where one can find, the home place of Lord Shiva but according to Hindu mythology, it is believed that undisputed Kailash Mountain is the main residence of Lord Shiva in our country. The Kailash Mansarovar is known as centre of universe in Indian History and it is physically ... Read More »

Flavorsome pani-puri


Pani puri- An extreme activation to your taste buds. The first snack that strikes the mind after listening the words like ‘toothsome’ and ‘mouth watering’ can’t be anything else other than flavorsome Pani puri. It lies among well liked street food in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kathmandu, Karachi and Lucknow. Pani puri is a crispy spheroid filled with certain items like ... Read More »

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, China


Today the place that In am going to talk about is the life- line of one of the most pepped- up cities in the world, Hong Kong. Why so? This is because there is no other place in Hong Kong where one would feel so energetic  and lively. Coming to this place makes you feel how precious life is. I ... Read More »