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The Pantheon, Rome, Italy


With its impenetrable wall and huge marble columns, the Pantheon is a monument in Rome, Italy. It is speculated that the original Pantheon built sometime in 25-27 BC, Marcus Agrippa, during the reign of Augustus. However, the exact construction date of the Pantheon remains uncertain. The inscription in the front reads “M- AGRIPPA-L-F-COS-TERTIVM-FECIT”, which in full can be read as ... Read More »

The Most Threatening Species of Africa…


INTRODUCTION Africa is the 2nd largest and second most populated continent. Africa is one of the most dreamlike continents on the planet with the most remarkable and most enthralling sites that are a treat not only for eyes but for the mind and soul too. A mixture or blend of modern and ancient, Africa is one of the best places ... Read More »

Landscape Denksiya


  When we look at a solar system we find Planets,Asteroids,Star,Satellites and many more.When we go to the Planet ,the most beautiful Planet in which living and nonliving things exist, in which gravitation is present and which is different from the other Planets is “The Planet EARTH”.Our Earth is a combination of forests,deserts,oceans,mountains etc.,. Mountains are generally less preferable for ... Read More »

Grand Prismatic Spring


When it is cool,we bath and drink hot water.For heating the water,we take some quantity of water and heat on fire .Water is from Earth and part of Earth.But if Earth itself heats the water what we call that!!!!!!!!It is called as HOT SPRING. WHAT IS HOT SPRING: The definition of Hot Spring is natural spring with water temperature above ... Read More »

Shillong the Scotland of East


Shillong which is the capital of Meghalaya is one of the smallest and beautiful states in India. Nature has create this state in pace, surrounded by hills, waterfalls and many colorful flowers is situated at an average altitude of 4,908 feet (1,496 m) above sea level Shillong Peak is the highest Point of Shillong (6,449 feet) the whole lovely city can be visualize from the ... Read More »

Char Dham Yatra – India


INTRODUCTION India, officially republic is a country in South Asia. It is the 2nd most populated country with 1.2 billion populations and 7th largest country by area. India strengthens with a beautiful combination of landscapes, culture and traditions. Indian culture is about its distinctive qualities that have progressed and subsisted across time. The Indian culture is described by its customs, ... Read More »

Undavalli Caves.


Caves are natural forming. They are formed by weathering of rock.A cave is a hollow space in ground,mostly natural under ground space.It is large enough for a human to enter in. Undavalli caves are one of the natural caves in World.They are located in Tadepalli mandal,in Guntur District,Andhra Pradesh,India.This caves are nearer to the city Vijayawada.This caves are on the ... Read More »

Imperial Palace Garden, Tokyo, Japan

Palace Garden

Can you ever imagine living in a place which is devoid of all comforts (are they real comforts or several  sources of  pollution affecting both physical and mental health?).Can you visualize a part of the world filled with peace and harmony? If your answer for the above two questions is YES, obviously the place or part of the universe which ... Read More »

The City of Picturesque Beaches, Pondicherry

pondi 2

A city also known as Puducherry, nestled in the in Indian Union Territory of Pondicherry, the city is also famous  as ‘Pondi’ and has been officially  called  ‘Puducherry’, since 2006. The city of Pondicherry has a rich history, since it was ruled by one colonial power after the other, the great powers such as the Dutch, Portuguese, English and last but not least, the ... Read More »

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok


Located geographically near Kamphaeng Phet 2, is Chatuchak which houses the busiest market chain of Bangkok, the Chatuchak Weekend Market. The fact that this place was named after the famous Chatuchak Market and it’s park itself is evidentary of how popular this market is. Chatuchak Market is not a new market set somewhere very recently a decade ago or so. ... Read More »