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Himeji Castle: Of Wonders and Horror stories


I know a lot of you readers would have at some point wanted to visit a haunted house. But the danger of repurcussions kept you at bay. Well, the good news is there is an entire castle filled with secrets of ghost sightings and a painful backstory to that. It is completely safe to visit all around the year with ... Read More »

Shifen Waterfall, Taiwan

Shifen Waterfall,Taiwan

THE HOME OF WATER Shifen Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfall in Taiwan. Shifenliao is the name of the area around Shifen being called.It is just one of the amazing waterfalls over there.It is also known as the little Niagara of Taiwan which is worth its name  as the flowing of water resembles Niagara Waterfalls. Location: Shifen Waterfall ... Read More »

Christ Of The Abys ,Key Largo, The United States


“The sea hath no king but God alone.” – Dante Gabriel Rossetti, echoes through the waves, the truth submerged deep into the depths of the ocean, in the form of a corporal example, the Christ of Abyss. It was placed in the Mediterranean Sea off San Fruttuoso just amidst the Portofino and Camogli on the Italian Riviera, on 22 August ... Read More »

Singapore’s Chiming Chinatown


An ethnic neighbourhood, projecting various Chinese cultural elements and historically concentrated ethnic Chinese population, Singapore’s Chinatown is nestled within the larger district of Outram. Although, the ethnic Chinese group is largest in Singapore and most of them reside in Singapore, it is less of a regency than it  once was. Chinatown is a name coined by the British and presently ... Read More »

The Colourful, Clarke Quay, Singapore


Situated upstream from the north, of the Singapore river and Boat quay (another historical quay), Clark Quay is a historical quay in Singapore, resting within the Singapore River Planning Area. A Quay is a structure on the shore of a harbour or on the banks of  a river or canal, where ships may dock to load and unload cargo and ... Read More »