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A city with two cities: Bergamo, Italy


One of the richest and most elegant cities in Italy, Bergamo, is situated in the Alpine foothills just 50 km from Milan. The city is has its own two cities in it as it is structured in two levels, The Lower city and The Upper city. The Lower city is more modern and dynamic whereas the famous Upper city his ... Read More »

The Paris of Middle East: Beirut, Lebanon


Often called ‘Paris of the Middle East’, Beirut is a hot spot for shopping, socializing and sightseeing. Beirut is located in and is capital of a small country in the Middle East called Lebanon. It is a seaport city located on the Mediterranean Sea between Israel and Syria. Also known as Bayrut, is home to the world’s first law school ... Read More »

Glamour, Gambling and Las Vegas

Fashion Show mall

A place packed with extravagant events and renowned as the Entertainment capital of the World, Las Vegas is the place to be when you want to party hard. Let me warn you, if you are a peace loving animal, then this place is a definite disaster for you in many aspects. The city blooms up in the night and gives ... Read More »

Sacred Hallgrimskirkja church, Iceland


Hallgrimskirkja popularly known as the church of Hallgrimur is a Lutheran parish church in the city of Reykjavik in Iceland. This church is also known as the church of Iceland and very much sacred. It is the largest church in the history of Iceland and the sixth tallest architectural construction in Iceland. The church is named after the Icelandic poet ... Read More »

Rangiroa, French Polynesia


A place where lucidity and drama breath simultaneously. Endless scintillating turquoise encircled by stings of corals, Rangiroa. This beautiful place is one of the best places in the world for scuba diving. Its considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world that provides a connection between man and nature very closely. The endless blue and exquisite corals offer ... Read More »

The State of Leisure – GOA


“The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time” Indeed, the more we do, the more we can do; the more busy we are, the more leisure we have and this beauteous mother earth has bestowed the mankind with enthralling ... Read More »

Heaven on Earth: Lviv, Ukraine


Ukraine is known for its vivid and beautiful places and unforgettable experiences. There is a city, which is known as the centre of Ukrainian art and culture and boasts many of the country’s  brightest and best museums, art galleries and theatres. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s Lviv, the city of unique old charm, located in western Ukraine. It is ... Read More »

Neuschwanstein Castle, The Fairy tale Land


My sister always said that as a girl, you should love sleeping beauty, I used to laugh and i always said, why would you love sleeping beauty when you could be alladin? Well, I stand corrected. Neuschwanstein Castle, that served as the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle(Magic Kingdom) has left me in awe. This architectural marvel is situated in the ... Read More »

Capital of the Alps: Innsbruck, Austria


Austria has been a very famous tourist attraction for visitors over the years because of its food, music, artists, exotic locations, architecture and skiing. It has some amazing cities Vienna, Graz, Linz Salzburg, and Villach but there is a city which is quite underrated but a hell of a tourist place. That city is Innsbruck, capital of federal state of ... Read More »

The City Of Gold, Johannesburg, South Africa


All of must have been to various places, on several tours and holidays; experienced a lot of new and beautiful things around but this that you are going to read about now is different. It is different because it has a different name. Yes! It is called the City of Gold, want to know why? It is called so because ... Read More »