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How to Choose Quality Plants at a Nursery or Garden Center

People love to see their gardens filled with flowers all through summer, and hence, it is really important that you buy the best plant at a garden center or nursery. It is utterly necessary that you buy those plants which will perform best when brought at home and seeded in your garden. If you buy a flower plant, then your expectation would be to see, the flowers blooming in your garden all summer long, while if you buy a shrub, then you would want that to make a considerable addition to your garden. In this article, we will discuss some of the tips by which you can choose quality plants at your nursery or a garden center.

Any plant when you buy should have a well establishment in its pot. So, if you are buying a baby plant, which is still not through its growing stages, then there is an increased risk that it might not survive. If you see that a gentle pull at the plants stem is lifting it up, then that means that the plant is not well settled in the compost, and hence, it will not survive, and therefore you shouldn’t buy it.

Check Its Not Starved

Sometimes, the plant has been in the pot for too long, which means that the plant has gone through its growing phase. Now, check whether there is a thick root system at the bottom of the pot, and also check the color of the foliage. If the color of the foliage is of a color other than green, that is yellow or brown, then it is starved, and therefore it will take longer to take action for a considerable amount of fertilizer.

Another sign that a plant has been staying long in the pot, is that, when you see there is a dense foliage of weeds around the plant. Weeds on top of the pot is okay, because it is very evident that weeds will follow when the plant is in the growing phase. But if the weed gets stronger, and attaches itself to the root of the original plant, then it is a problem.

Avoid Pests and Diseases

Any of the plant you take home from the nursery, if they have been infected or infested by pests, then it may cause problems not only to itself, but to the other growing plants in your garden. Look carefully for any pests in your plant. You may do so, by checking if there are any holes in the leaves, burnt leaves or a type of white powder on leaves.

You should always keep attention that, two plants are not too close by. If they are too close to each other then, both of them will grow to reach for the sunlight, and hence, wouldn’t form an attractive shape at the end.

Negotiate a Bargain

Now, if you want to get a bargain from the store you are buying the plant from, then you know now, how to bargain.

  • If you are buying a plant which is a little starved or has an unattractive shape, but has all the features to grow up to be a wonderful plant.
  • You can take care of the plant through its growing phase, and hence, you may get it in a discounted price.
  • You have a lot of ground to fill in your garden, and hence, you will buy multiple number of plants, and hence, the nursery owner may give you a discount.

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