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Choosing the Right Turntable Trolley

A truck styles four wheeled trolley with a handle of wither U or T shaped attached with it at the front end is a turntable trolley. The handle is attached beneath the trolley box section to the steering section. The type of trolley is quite compatible with most industry types due to its easy manoeuvrability; it can be pulled or attached to a towing system.

Generally available in the standard sizes beginning at 500mm width and 600mm length, turntable trolleys are available in many other sizes, in fact bespoke trolleys can be made 4-5 times larger or even more. As a standard the trolley range’s weight capacity is somewhere between 500kg to 5000kg, though the weight capacity usually depends on the size and construction of the turntable trolley.

Safety issues are kept at the fore while constructing high quality turntable trolleys. The cut of the body material and the single box section bet is made in way that minimizes any risk to personnel and property, any mitred edges or sharp corners are purged. An easy to operate braking system is installed keeping in mind the fact that such trolleys are generally used in places where health and safety are imperative. For instance, a braking system which simply requires the operator to lift the handle to stop the trolley and to press a foot pedal and lower the handle to release the brake is an effective and easy system for most people to use.

According to the requirements of the work environment and weights involved, the tyres for the trolley can be chosen from a number of options. Cast iron wheels with a polyurethane trade can be added for large loads particularly, while foam filled or air-filled pneumatic or solid or polyurethane tyres can be added for other purposes.

Since turntable trolleys can be used for a vast amount of purposes, there are equal amount of options to customize the carrying surface of the trolley. Anything- from gas and water bottles to oil drums can be carried on trolleys. For carrying specialized items like computer, promotional or catering equipment, racks can also be added. To improve functionality, waterproof or security covers can also be added to the trolley.

Sides of steel, plywood, mesh or plastic can also be added to the trolley for or functionality. The sides can be slotted or hinged into the trolley and can also be gated.

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