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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome, also known as Asperger’s, is a developmental disorder, which has characteristics such as difficulties in social interaction, and restricted and repetitive behavioural patterns and patterns of interest. This disorder has been classified as a mild autism spectrum disorder – and has no known cure, and is known to last for a person’s lifetime – with diagnoses happening in patients as young as two years of age. Because of the fact that Asperger Syndrome cannot be cured, most patients tend to see it as a fundamental part of their identity.

Though there is no known cure, or specific known cause (there are studies that say that there are genetic factors involved, but no one is sure of which gene, or genes, can cause this disorder), cognitive behavioural therapy has been known to help abate the symptoms, and to help the patient deal with Asperger Syndrome. With the right form of treatment, it is easy for patients and those diagnosed with the disorder to be able to lead a fulfilling life, and a life of their own choice. For most, the preferred option is cognitive behavioural therapy – because of the fact that it helps change your attitude and thus you behaviour, and because it’s short in duration yet immensely effective in nature.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a short term form of psychotherapeutic treatment that is practical in nature. The way CBT works is that it tries to change patterns of thinking and behaviour, and thus, change the way they feel and act in life, thereby helping patients deal with a variety of disorders and symptoms. CBT works by changing people’s attitudes and behaviour by focusing on their thoughts, images, beliefs, and attitudes, and how these processes can relate to the way people behave.

One important advantage of CBT is the fact that it’s short – considerably shorter than other forms of therapy, with sessions lasting five to ten months. CBT can be thought of as a combination of psychotherapy and behavioural therapy – thereby placing importance on past events, like your childhood, and paying close attention to your behaviour, and the relation between thought and action. Another useful aspect of CBT is the fact that it can be personalized to suit the patient’s needs – and so that maximum benefit can be derived from this form of therapy.

Archways Centre for CBT is a private clinic of psychologists, that are dedicated to providing the best form of therapy to those in need, and can accommodate a range of mental disorders and conditions, thereby helping patients of all kinds to reintegrate themselves into society. Using CBT as a form of therapy is highly useful and has proven to have positive results, and with a team of educated professionals, Archways Centre for CBT will make sure that the best professionals will administer cognitive behavioural therapy to the patient, and will make sure that every step is followed to help patients deal with their symptoms in a positive manner, and so that they’ll be able to join society as soon as possible, and help contribute as a fully functional member of society – and so that patients, too, will be able to lead normal lives.

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