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Essentials of an Electrician

In the past couple of years, we have seen a jump in the average salaries and earnings of manually intensive jobs like constructors, plumbers, and electricians. These are no longer considered to be substandard, rather due to lesser working hours, lower educational requirement and good returns such jobs are becoming a favorite. In this article, we talk about the role and essentials to be an electrician. Even if you don’t want to be one, this article is still relevant as the safety of your family is in the hands of the electricians. Thus it becomes imperative to ensure that the electricians who are hired are experienced and cut out for the job.

  • The diversity: When you first hear the word electrician, you might just think of a man repairing an electricity outlet or some wires. Well, electricians not only perform the repair work but also the complex installation processes. During the construction process, the complex wiring procedures and such other functions are carried out by the electrical agencies. The electricians on call can repair anything from a bulb to a refrigerator.
  • The different types: As we already have seen that electricians have different jobs and thus to perform them they need different specializations. No particular electrician can perform all the functions as different objects have different technicalities. Thus there are different kinds of electricians with different forte. All those which are engaged in fitting power outlets and wiring in any kind of building may it be a home or a factory come under construction. The most common encounters for the household are the electricians who repair electrical products. Factory or industrial electricians are one of the most specialized in their approach as they have the abilities to handle and repair particular machines
  • Education and courses: Some of the institutes offer particular courses for electricians in which they are given training for both the theoretical and the practical aspects. But a majority of the electricians get training through an apprenticeship program where they work under an experienced electrician who trains the apprentice about his area of specialization and all the technical knowledge. To enroll in such a program one should at least have completed high school or a diploma. Thus one gets both classroom training needed for the knowledge and on the job training to hone their skills.
  • Salary: In most of the developed countries, the average salary of the electrician ranges between $15 to 42$ depending on the type of work which is performed. In developing countries where the labor is generally cheaper the salary might be much lower. Many unions also helps in maintaining a minimum wage for the benefits of the electrician. The salary would be directly proportional to the experience you have in the field.
  • The License: Many of the professional firms, corporates, and factories which hire such electricians demand a licensed electrician. Most of the municipality licensed electricians have to pass a test which tests them on theory and electrical codes.

In multiple situations, it has been seen that experienced electricians were promoted to project supervisors or climb the ladders to be a contractor. Thus opting for such a career could be a great choice.

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