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Experiential Marketing: The Basics

Marketing is the backbone of Business and they cannot withstand without each other’s support. The sole purpose of a business is to reach a larger crowd by utilising the assets they have, with an aim to highlight their brand name. The most commonly used tagline nowadays is ‘We are the best in the market, Buy now’. It is a subtle way of putting forth your product and brand for the customer.

Probably all kinds of media that you know of, from printing media to entertainment media, internet and every other type that you can think of uses all possible means to reach out to a greater audience and get their message conveyed. This ultimately improves the reach of their brand, product and services. The marketing world however has now developed greatly as businesses move outside mere communication and has inclined towards the level of engagement. The marketing of this type is called Experiential Marketing.

Experiential marketing does precisely what it says on its label. It attempts to make an experience for the reason that an experience is more likely to have a positive impact and get a reaction then the basic communication that we are used to.

If you are someone who is new to experiential marketing or inquisitive as to how to make use of this contemporary occurrences, given below are just a few of the basic facts to keep in mind which prevents you to make the common mistakes that you might end up with. Event sponsorships were once taken to be the best kind of experiential marketing but nowadays, brands are now one step closer to building a relationship with their customers by reassuring real engagement. Participation is now the key to a good strategy.

Experiential Marketing strategies are fabricated to attain an emotional connection with a customer so that a bond of trust is made. It all depends on the exact type of emotion you want to achieve. For instance, chocolate company Milka created several large bars that had one square missing; those who purchased the incomplete bars where then told that they could have the missing piece either mailed back to them or mailed to a loved one; the right campaign is a fantastic way to present your brand in a memorable manner. That one unique campaign of your brand will leave an everlasting impact on the customer’s mind.

With the help of social media, marketers can now get a better insight as to what their customers want and need and leverage this. A great place to start with any kind of experiential marketing is to look at what your customers want. Your customers are smarter than ever and thanks to the internet, can connect to a multitude of similar businesses but with a well thought out experiential marketing campaign, you have a far better chance of making a lasting connection and coming out on top against competitors.

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