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What Is The Importance Of Conveyors?

Conveyor systems are one of the most important pieces of equipment in any industry, whether it is pharmaceutical or heavy metals. It helps to move raw materials as well as finished products from one location to another and is especially useful in the transport of bulk amounts of material. There are different types of conveyor belts that are available in the market, each suited to a different function. Listed below are a few of the advantages of using a conveyor system-

  1. It allows for the fast and efficient transport of raw materials and finished products from one location to another
  2. The smooth functioning of the system and its well-constructed structure reduces the possibility of accidents in the workplace. Additionally, it is versatile enough to be fitted in any location
  3. Depending on the requirement of the company or industry, an appropriate conveyor system can be found
  4. Irrespective of how heavy or how large the load is, the conveyor system can transport it

The most common and cheapest of conveyor systems is the conveyor belt. This type of conveyor system is usually used to move materials and products in a line, but can be in different elevations or in a flat line. The conveyor belt can transport packages of different sizes and shapes in an efficient manner with no hassle of the products falling off. Conveyor belts are made using materials such as PVC and rubber.

Some of the most prominent places in which you may have seen a conveyor belt are airport walking escalators, airport baggage handlers, etc. In industries that have a fixed manufacturing and assembling process, these conveyor belts are used to assemble the different parts of the final product. Therefore, conveyor belts are popularly seen in use in warehouses and factories. Some of these industries are the medicine industry (pharmaceuticals), automotive industry, machine part manufacturing industry, agricultural industry, and the food processing industry. While in heavy industries, conveyors can be used in the assembly line, in light industries it is used mainly for transportation.

In order to make full utilisation of the benefits offered by conveyor systems, it is important to choose the correct type of conveyor. The type of product, how much of it has to be transported, and how far it has to be transported are all factors that should be considered before fitting a conveyor system in any company or factory.

Once the right system is chosen, it is necessary to properly care for it to ensure that it functions smoothly. Faulty conveyor belts can reduce productivity and increase the number of accidents in the workplace. If this happens, the purpose of the conveyor system is defeated as the functionality of the industry reduces. It is therefore important to bring in professionals to carry out maintenance checks. These checks will reveal if certain parts of the conveyor system require repairing, replacement, or simply tweaking. When maintenance is done regularly, the longevity of the machine is increased and in turn, the productivity and profits of the company can be maintained.

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