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Kinds of Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom floors can be of various kinds. And evidently, they come with a set of advantages and disadvantages. When you’re choosing the best flooring for your bathroom, you necessarily have to bear in mind that moisture can crop up even when you don’t have leaking plumbing. There are certain types of flooring which experience occasional water spills, thereby leading to the loosening of adhesives. There may also be instances where you’re required to replace your old bathroom flooring because the toilet has happened to overflow. Below you’ll come across different sorts of bathroom flooring. Let’s get started!

1. Vinyl

What flooring would you go for if you’re on a budget? Vinyl. Nonetheless vinyl tiles can start to lift up as time passes. To be honest, vinyl stands nowhere near stone as far as appearance is concerned. But that’s no reason not to pick vinyl since you can always get a professional to install the flooring. This works best when you like the sheet style of vinyl flooring. Also, you can opt for any design or colour because they are a plenty of options available.

2. Laminate

Resembling hardwood floors, laminate flooring comes in a range of styles as well as colours. It is imperative to mention here that moisture is likely to be trapped beneath the floor covering. This may, at times, result in mild nuisances.

3. Wood

If you select wood as your bathroom flooring, remember drying it immediately after it gets wet. Besides, hardwood is a better alternative to softwood as the latter absorbs moisture more easily.

4. Stone

Stone is widely preferred for is there anyone who doesn’t like beautiful bathrooms? Even so, it has a long trail of disadvantages. Firstly, it’s not pocket friendly. Secondly, stone flooring runs the risk of turning slippery when it gets wet. Further, stone can feel cold if you’re barefoot. All the same, if stone flooring is what you want – use sing slate which boasts of an uneven and coarse surface and lessens the chance of slipping.

5. Carpet

This is never a smart choice. Carpet flooring has an affinity for moisture. In addition, with carpet in your bathroom – what about the hygiene around the toilet area? Germs can begin residing in the soft fibre. If you think that carpet flooring boosts the value of your home, think again. The new homeowner may wish to get rid of it and welcome some different flooring. In that case, the value of your home certainly diminishes – thanks to the carpet flooring of your bathroom. Let me tell you what you can do if you’re unable to resist the warm and fuzzy feeling on your feet which comes with the carpet flooring. You can make use of rugs and bathmats which are hassle-free owing to the fact that they can be machine-washed. Plus, you won’t slip.

6. Ceramic

There are two varieties of ceramic tiles, namely glazed and unglazed. Now, the former is slippery but the latter is not. So unglazed ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for your bathroom. In fact, ceramic tiles are utilised on the counter top or the shower walls of your bathroom as well.

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