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The Why, How and What of a Professional Mold Inspection

Every home, be it a newly built one, or a long standing one, is exposed to the presence of mold. No matter what you do to keep away the molds from your home, it just doesn’t go away. The mold is a type of a microorganism of the fungus family which generally grows on carpet, walls, floors, fabrics and furniture’s. Now, exposure to the availability of fungus in your home, may cause health problems, even if you are a perfectly healthy person. In fact, not only to a person’s body, it may also cause problems in the structure of a building, and sometimes lead to damage of the entire building. The molds specially affect the floors, walls and drywalls of a building, thereby damaging the entire structure. Now, how do you detect the presence of mold in your house? To detect the presence of mold in your house, it is essential that you run a routine mold test after every year or so.

Why Every Homeowner Should Obtain a Mold Inspection

As we discussed earlier, no matter the home is old or new, there may mold in hiding within the floors or the walls. Most of the times, the mold is easily detectable, but sometimes it is not. While, it is not always the case, sometimes, harmful spores of mold may go away undetected, and at the end of the day, it may cause a significant cost to the homeowner. You may have to repair the entire wall and the ceiling system of your home.

As we said, mold also affect the health of even the normal human being. Exposure to the fungus for a long time, can be dangerous to the health. It also affects the air quality of the home significantly. Pregnant women are at the most risk of complications since they are already in a state of compromised immune system. Individuals with improper respiratory conditions can also get affected in the presence of molds. If you go through a routine mold inspection, the inspectors will let you know about any molds in the house, and will also let you know about the necessary steps that you can take.

How Professionals Can Detect a Potential Problem

A fungal or a microbial investigator who investigates your home for molds, is counsel certified, and has the requisite training and expertise to detect a fungal growth in your home. These professionals have high tech instruments such as thermal imaging machine and a moisture meter to create a detailed analysis. Most of all, the investigators look for any anomaly in the quality of air and moisture in the home. Once the investigator detects the spore, he/she will take the sample for further investigation in the lab. After the investigation in the lab, they will send the report with further details to the client. The report will also contain ways to prevent the mold growth in the future.

What Homeowners Should Know to Become Proactive

The most important thing that a homeowner can do, and has control over, is to remove moisture from every part of their home. Moisture can be prevented by not allowing water to pool in the basement. Additionally, you may buy shower curtain which are moisture resistant. Sometimes a leaking roof also gives rises to molds, and therefore, it is important to check for leaking rooftops from time to time.


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