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Psychology and Mental Health – Indifference and Craziness

While most believe that indifference is a natural reaction and is normal, there are views opposing this opinion. Indifference has been defined as a feeling of apathy, a lack of sensitivity to any stimuli, or a lack of connection to one’s objective reality. Indifference is often considered to be an abnormality in behaviour as one’s natural reaction to stimuli is usually not indifference.

Being indifferent to environmental stimuli indicates that the individual is not paying attention to his/her surroundings and this could be potentially dangerous. The dangerous aspect comes into play when the individual is unable to identify threats to oneself in the environment as a result of lack of attention (indifference) and therefore, becomes unable to safeguard the self from the threat.

When this indifference to environmental stimuli spreads to indifferent reactions in social interactions with friends and family, the individual becomes isolated without any interaction. The worst manifestation of this condition is the indifference towards pain felt by others. This results in the domination of the individual’s irrational, indifferent self over the more rational, conscious, reactive self. If an individual is indifferent towards the pain and sorrow of fellow human beings, he/she tends to develop a cold, calculative, cruel nature because the primitive, violent part of the conscience starts dominating over the more empathetic human side.

Once the individual becomes over dominated by the wild, unrestrained, cruel side of his conscience as a result of being indifferent, he/she begins to gradually lose touch with objective reality until it reaches the pinnacle, which is being unable to identify with anything, including one’s own actions. This peak of indifference can result in drastic actions such as the individual attempting to commit murder or suicide. In a way, committing suicide is a hidden form of murder as it involves the taking of a life.

A lack of any form of contact because of being indifferent can lead to an extreme level of despair which has led some experts to believe that indifference can be equated with craziness. Every individual is responsible for what happens to oneself as well as people around. Indifference to mortal harm is an absurd reaction to danger and can have severe consequences.

After reading this article, if you feel you or someone you know feels these things, then there is a cause for alarm that should be addressed at the earliest time possible. Contact Archways for expert psychology care in London, Ontario.

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