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How to survey property like a professional?

Survey of property is one of the most important things that a person does or makes someone do on his behalf before purchasing it. One of the most annoying little expenses that you constantly have to pay is that of a property survey. Many people hire professionals to do this kind of survey, not realizing that this is a task they can learn very quickly.

In order to survey the property yourself, you have to be prepared all the time. Here are few items you will need while surveying the property- camera, pen, notepad, voice memo, binoculars and any other thing you need.

A useful tip while surveying, is that you should always try to survey in a wet condition.  In this way you can spot problems down the pipes, leaky roofs, faulty guttering etc.

While surveying a roof, you have to check and note the details in a proper and systematic manner. Most importantly you have to see is, what material is it made of and what is the roofs general state of repair? Be sure to look at the roof from angles as sometimes problems are only visible when looked at from a certain direction. Another thing you have to do is to go in the loft and check for light and/or water coming through.

While surveying external walls, you have to check their type of construction i.e. solid brick, stone or something else. Another thing important to check is the type of finishing of the walls, is it pebbles, stone, brick or something else. You also have to look for the signs of movement around the corner of doors and window frames. If the cracks are found in this area there is a great chance of serious problems.

While surveying internal area of a property, you have to check and jot down the details of everything you come across. The things you have to primarily check are- whether the property is new, old or refurbished, general state of repair of the inside of the property, whether there is any kind of suspicious decoration done to hide something, any kind of soundproofing done on the ceiling and the state of windows and what are they made of? All these things should be known to the one who is surveying the property.

Apart from what has been stated above there are other things which are to be checked in order to complete your survey. These other things are-

  1. What is the state of fixtures and fittings in the property?
  2. Is there central heating? How old is the boiler?
  3. Whether there is adequate ventilation in the property, especially in areas of kitchen and bathroom.
  4. Is there a shared main water supply?
  5. Does the electric supply have some sort of trip mechanism? How old is it?
  6. Try and take look behind any furniture or appliance that look out of place. They might have been put to hide some sort of problem or damage.
  7. You should flush the toilet and run water to check the drainage system.

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