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Venice Simplon Orient Express – Of Romantic Train Rides


For the rich there are many ways to utilize their wealth in order to have experience which are beyond the extraordinary, a train journey in the Venice Simplon-Orient Express in one of such ways. Arguably one of the most luxurious rides in the whole world, the Venice Simplon-Orient Express is an idea of luxury, extravagance and class which goes beyond ... Read More »

The Rose Bowl – Stadium for the Immortals


Legends, heroes and immortals are stuffs of fantasy and myths but in real life all such figures come to life inside a sporting stadium. Sports are the best way one can find heroes, legends and immortals. Sporting personalities and moments allow us the chance to enjoy, live and celebrate are heroes and legends. And the theatre for such great athletes, ... Read More »

The Forbidden City – Palace of the Emperors


Throughout their history Chinese have been known to be able to create thing which were larger than life such as paper, the Great Wall of China among others and among those creations the Forbidden City of Beijing is perhaps one of their greatest creations. The Forbidden City or Palace is the English name of the palace located in the dead ... Read More »

East Asia – For the Love of the Orient


The Orient as it was known in Europe has been the epitome of culture and human civilization; place full of diversity yet with so much in common is perhaps one of the most mysterious cultural conglomeration known to western civilizations. East Asia was largely known to the world as the land where a race of tea-sipping Orientals lived. The region ... Read More »

Annapurna Circuit – Best Trekking place on Earth


Nepal is a country which has been blessed with the mighty mountain ranges of the Himalayas which makes it one of the most beautiful countries in the world, the blessing is also in the form of the millions of trekkers it attracts from all over the world who come here to overcome and succeed in the most grueling trekking conditions ... Read More »

China – The Red Dragon of Asia


One of the greatest civilizations of all times, China is a country which in large parts has been an enigma to many around the world but today stands tallest among the greatest nations of the world. Endowed with the richest of all histories, science, intelligent citizens and immense potential China has been able to successfully preserve its historical identity, values, ... Read More »

The Dakar Rally – World’s Toughest and Coolest Race


What does one do when one gets lost in the spine-chilling expanse of the Sahara Desert? One discovers an idea for a thrilling, taxing, and the toughest race on the planet. That’s what Thierry Sabine did when he got lost in the Tenere Desert (part of the Sahara) while competing in the Nice-Abidjand car rally deciding that the desert will ... Read More »

The Buddhist Circuit India – In Search of Buddha and Nirvana


India is known world over for many things from Raj Mahals to Snake Charmers, from Sachin Tendulkar to Yoga but one thing, one export of this great sub-continent that has captured the imagination of the world has to be the great religion of Buddhism. Buddhism one of the most widely followed religious beliefs in the world was founded in this ... Read More »

Hampi – Of Giant Boulders and Ancient Temples


Tucked away in the northernmost corner of the state of Karnataka in India, Hampi is a small village with a great treasure and a charm that is unlike anything anywhere else. The small village of Hampi near the town of Hospet in Karnataka is special due to it being the site of the ancient capital city of Vijayanagar belonging to ... Read More »

Vienna – The Imperial City of Europe


One of the politest, most livable and friendliest cities in the world Vienna is a place for some old-fashioned talk and romance. The city which lies almost in the heart of Europe is one of its most celebrated, decorated and sophisticated cities. The city is the capital of Austria and is the largest city of the country by virtue of its ... Read More »