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All Sunshine Makes a Desert – The Syro Arabian Desert


The Syrian Desert, also known as the Syrio-Arabian desert is a combination of steppe and true desert that is located in the northern Arabian Peninsula covering 500,000 square kilometers of the reign of Syria. The desert is very rocky and flat. Geography Syrian Desert is a huge stretch of mostly barren land covering parts of four countries which are Syria, ... Read More »

Bliss in the lap of Nature – River Dart, Dartmouth


The name River Dart consists of two amusing places to visit and these both are counted as the award winning tourist places of the country. The two tourist places with this are River Dart Country Park and River Dart Adventures. The place has a majestic beauty with the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the parks, woodland and the flowery park to ... Read More »

The Land of Authencity and Culture: Romania


Authentic, Natural and Cultural are the words that best capture the essence of Romania, a dynamic country rich in history, arts and scenic beauty. Romania is a beautiful country located between Central and Southeastern Europe, bordering Black Sea. Romania shares a border with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and Moldova to the east, and Bulgaria to the south. ... Read More »

Longmire’s Paradise: Mount Rainier National Park


Mount Rainier National Park is a form of paradise famous for the wildflower meadows and its splendid view. It is called paradise because when James Longmire’s daughter-in-law, Martha had a first look on the garden, she cried, “Ah what a paradise!” The park’s central visiting center known as the Paradise Jackson Visitor Center is situated in the upper parking area ... Read More »

Antartica: The Coldest Land on Earth


Earth’s southernmost continent and the coldest continent on Earth, the Antarctica is the geographical south pole of the globe surrounded by southern ocean. Etymologically the word means opposite of Arctic which means the North Pole whereas the word Antarctic defines as the South Pole. It is one of those continents with approximately 14,000,000 km square area, which is 1.3 times ... Read More »

The Bottlenose BlueZ, Bahamas

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The Blue lagoon as the name suggests is a store house of the immense water body in the Bahamas. One of the finest pieces of natural being that was developed by the almighty lies three miles from a city Nassau in Bahamas. It serves as one of the finest destination for tourist owned privately. The blue lagoon holds an immense ... Read More »

Table Mountains of Cape Town


Cape Town is one of the most populated cities of South Africa and the regional capital of Western Cape. The City of Cape Town forms an important part of the metropolitan municipality. The metropolis is famous for the natural scenery and the harbour in the Cape floral kingdom, along with various landmarks such as Cape Point and Table Mountain. Cape ... Read More »

Iceland, The Country of Volcanoes and Natural Geysers


Iceland is one of the most sparsely populated Nordic island between the Artic Oceans and the North Atlantic, in Europe. Iceland saw its independence in 1918 and was declared a republic in 1944. After World War 2, Iceland saw its prosperity, earlier of which the country depended only on fishing and agriculture. After the Great Britain, Iceland is the second ... Read More »

Behind the Hills – Pacifica, California


Pacifica is a small city situated in the middle of the hills of central part of north California and the coastal beaches which are stretched all the ways for around 10 km. The city of Pacifica is surrounded by the rocky bluff of Pacific Ocean in the west; it is covered by Montara Mountains in the south and by the ... Read More »