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City of Alexandria in Majestic Egypt

Founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great, City of Alexandria is known as The Pearl of the Mediterranean. Today the second largest city in Egypt, it served as the capital of Egypt during the Greco-Roman period. As a tourist location Alexandria has much to offer in terms of its archaeological importance and extremely rich history. Lighthouse of Alexandria, one ... Read More »

The Exquisite Ruins of Hampi, Karnataka


“A land without ruins is a land without memories; a land without memories is a land without history”. Situated on the banks of river Tungabhadra in Karnataka, the ruins of Hampi are a testimony to this statement. Within the wide expanse of these rocky structures we find ample traces of India’s rich historical, religious and mythological heritage. Hampi, tucked between ... Read More »

Island of Tyrrhenian Sea: Capri

Island of Capri

Capri, with its picturesque locales, natural architectural wonders, its colorful history, turquoise waters and bustling city is a traveler’s paradise. The Island of Capri is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the Southern Italian region of Campania. There are numerous sightseeing avenues and places to explore in Capri, catering to all kinds of travelers. Blue Grotto or Grotta Azzurra is ... Read More »

Visit Virginia, Land of Rich History and Nature


Situated in the South Atlantic area, the U.S. State of Virginia is often called as the Mother of Presidents. As the birthplace of eight US Presidents the place certainly has political significance, but that is not all. Virginia is a land with abundant natural and historical significance, making it a place worth visiting and exploring. The famous travel campaign ‘Virginia ... Read More »

Mesmerizing Castles in Japan

Castles in Japan

Japan is a popular destination for travelers owing to its natural, cultural and economic significance. In addition to this the historical structures spread over the Japanese terrain make up for sites worth visiting. The Castles in Japan made mostly out of woods and stone, and dating as far back as 14th century, provide some mesmerizing places for tourists to visit ... Read More »

The Mediterranean Island of Elba, Italy

Elba, Italy

Situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Elba is a part of the Tuscany Archipelago, and the third largest Italian Island. A very popular tourist attraction, Elba is easily reachable through the ferry rides that are available from the mainland. Elba is a delight for beach lovers, with pristine and varied beaches that it offers. Besides that the island also has its ... Read More »

Charming Countryside: Bibury, England

Village of Bibury

Situated in Gloucestershire, England is the utterly charming Village of Bibury. This village has perfectly picture postcard qualities as it is tucked in the stunning and scenic countryside. The Cotswold cottages, the lush greenery, the bubbling waters of River Coln, all make Bibury an extremely picturesque place. In addition to this the history of the place can be traced as ... Read More »

Don’t Miss Crab Cakes from Maryland

Crab Cakes

Located in the United States is the state of Maryland, having Baltimore as its largest city. There are innumerable museums, and many other natural avenues that all travelers can explore while here. But any and all itineraries of Maryland must include a chance for the travelers to savor the cuisine around here, especially the local seafood. Maryland offers a culinary ... Read More »

Wonderful Swiss Experience: Wengen

Wengen, Switzerland

Located in Bernese Oberland in Switzerland is the village of Wengen. This extremely picturesque village offers some breath taking views of the abundant natural beauty imbued in this place and its surroundings. Situated in the lap of the Jungfrau Mountain Range and within a visible distance of Lauterbrunnen Valley, Wengen’s natural splendors are bound to leave a vivid impression in ... Read More »

The Old World Charm of Finland’s Capital: Helsinki

Helsinki, Market Square

Helsinki, the capital of Finland since 19th century, was founded in the year 1550. This modern and urbanized city still manages to hold on to an old world charm, that makes it very popular among tourists. Helsinki offers many architectural, cultural and natural avenues for the visitors to explore. Helsinki is easily accessible through air, rail and road services. One ... Read More »