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The Real World Animal Planet – Ocean Park, Honk Kong

Sea jelly spectacular

WOW! It’s my Park. This theme park is really one of its kinds and will definitely make you say their tag line at the end of the day. Ocean Park is an elephantine amusement park. Situated in Wong Chuk Hang, a southern district in the Honk Kong city, the park comprises of an animal theme park, marine mammals exhibit, an ... Read More »

The Queen of Hills – Darjeeling


A true demeanor of the word queen can be experienced when you visit Darjeeling.  With all the other hill stations at its footsteps, this place leaves your jaw open at the first sight itself. The lush greens on the gigantic mountains, the vast plains with tea plantations and small clusters of houses can be seen everywhere.  Situated in West Bengal, ... Read More »

Hotel la Montana Magica – Huilo, Chile

interiors of la Montana

Who would have thought that living inside mountain erupting water instead of lava, covered with lush greens of moss and vines on the outside with cozy interiors will be fun?  The Hobbit’s house from the famous LOTR series sounds to be of a similar nature; where the hobbit would love to reside in peace and harmony with the encompassing forest. ... Read More »

Brihadeeswarar Temple, Thanjavur (Tanjore)

temple complex

A stupendous work done during the Chola dynasty, a thousand years ago, the Brihadeeswarar temple in Thanjavur district (formerly known as Tanjore) is a masterpiece of architecture. Located in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, this temple finds its place in the World Heritage sites declared by UNESCO. The temple is also known as Peruvudaiyar Kovil and Rajarajeswaram temple. ... Read More »

Glamour, Gambling and Las Vegas

Fashion Show mall

A place packed with extravagant events and renowned as the Entertainment capital of the World, Las Vegas is the place to be when you want to party hard. Let me warn you, if you are a peace loving animal, then this place is a definite disaster for you in many aspects. The city blooms up in the night and gives ... Read More »

A Prime hill station – Ooty

Ooty lake

Everyone loves a pleasant spring season with the birds chirping around, the soft breeze giving you the slight scents of the blooms in your vicinity and a clear sky with the sun shining mildly on the area. Aptly named as ‘Snooty Ooty’ by the British people during their colonial stay, the place is a marvelous picnic spot. Bestowed with kind ... Read More »

Manipur – A Magnificent State


One of the prized beauties of the seven states of eastern India, Manipur is an amazing location to traverse and experience the tranquility that it offers you through the beautiful scenery. Blessed with the nature’s bounty in the form of beautiful blooms, cascading falls, the dancing rivers and much more, the state has been preserved as it was since ages. ... Read More »

Dhuandhar Falls –Jabalpur


Falls are always fascinating and build an excitement when you are planning to visit one. Kids and elders, none can escape the feeling of a little part that keeps jumping inside your mind till you reach the falls and get wet in them.  Dhuandhar Falls of Jabalpur are the similar kinds but climb a step further ahead in raising your ... Read More »

Gift of the forest – Kodaikanal

Coakers walk

Adorned in the beautiful thick greens, Kodaikanal proves true to all the possible meanings of its name. Depending on the pronunciation of the word in the Tamil language, it can mean either the end of forest, gift of the forest or the place to be visited in the summer. The cool green color is an apt treatment to your eyes ... Read More »

Kingdom of Mysore

Brindavan fountains

Carrying a history of more than 600 glorious years of legacy, the kingdom of Mysore has always allured the tourists with its flamboyance. The third largest city in the state, it is a popular tourist destination of Karnataka. The name of this city originates from the name of a demon actually. According to Hindu mythology, a demon named Mahishasura, who ... Read More »