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The Berlin Wall: An Enduring Symbol of Freedom

Berlin, East Side Gallery

Irony is a wonderful thing. It greets you at the most unexpected place and restores your faith in the designs of fate. Consider for a fact that Berlin’s most famous tourist attraction is a place that does not, really, exist anymore. When it stood as the most potent symbol in the Cold War era, it not only divided a city ... Read More »

The city of temples: Bishnupur, India


In the Bankura district of West Bengal lies a town so steeped in history that once you step on to the red soil, you are transported to a different world, where time stands still and stories of an age gone by blows in the wind. Bishnupur, situated about 160 km away from Kolkata, is a quaint little town famous for ... Read More »

For the Bibliophile: College Street, Kolkata


Kolkata (erstwhile, Calcutta) is a picture of paradoxes. It is a city which is ready to take on the future and yet clings on longingly into its Colonial past. A city of nostalgia. A city that is a daily celebration of  the human existence. It is ‘the city of joy’, indeed. As the former capital of British India, the city ... Read More »

The Colors of Spring: Vasant Utsav in Shantiniketan

pf-91dm dance during holi festival santiniketan

India is a land of festivals. Festivals that are celebrated with much pomp and show. Festivals that are colorful. And when one is talking about colorful festivals, how can the mention of Holi be left out? The Indian festival of colors, Holi is celebrated in spring to celebrate the bounty of the season. People smear colors on each other and ... Read More »

Cleopatra’s Pool, Turkey: In Healing Waters


Ancient Civilisations have always been of much interest to the history geek. And when historical value, natural beauty and myths of miraculous properties come together to describe a particular place, there is no doubt in the fact that the travel enthusiast is automatically attracted to it. One such place of interest is the fabled Cleopatra’s Pool located in Modern day ... Read More »

Mardi Gras : The Cultural Phenomenon RTR

APTOPIX Brazil Carnival

One of the most notably celebrated carnivals of today, the festivities of Mardi Gras indeed form a cultural phenomenon. The celebrations date back thousands of years to Pagan Spring and Fertility rites and have assumed their modern day form through evolution and religious adaption over time. Countries with large Roman Catholic populations celebrate Mardi Gras with much pomp and gusto ... Read More »

To Greater Heights: Mount Roraima


Nature as an able sculptor has decorated this world with imposing structures that leave us awestruck. One of the oldest natural mountain formations, Mount Roraima is one such structure. It plays hide and seek with the clouds and threatens to touch the sky. Also known as Roraima Tepui or Cerro Roraima, it forms a natual border between three countries- Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana in ... Read More »

Lobster Rolls, Maine


So, the lobster is one of the fanciest gourmet items one can choose from. Let us start with the simple question, what is the best way to have a lobster? Are you thinking of a fancy restaurant with the whole hog of a lobster bib, a shell cracker and a pot of butter on the side? Well, in Maine the answer ... Read More »

Cherry Blossom Street, Bonn, Germany


Nature is a wonderful artist. Throughout the world sometimes mundane and otherwise ordinary things come together to create something so striking and beautiful that beholders have no other option but to stand and stare. One specimen of this phenomenon can be observed every spring in the stunning Cherry Blossom Street (locally known as Heerstraße ) in the old town of ... Read More »

Underground Tunnels, Durgapur, India


Durgapur is an industrial town in the state of West Bengal, India. Today it is dominated by the chimneys of industries alright, but it has not always been so. The mighty river Damodar has played an important part in its history. Durgapur in fact was home to dense forests along its fringes, called the Garh forest. Mentioned in the Puranas ... Read More »