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Gemeinde Bad Schandau, Saxony, Germany

Bad Schandau

Saxony, a German state which lies to the extreme east of its country, is renowned for its complex history and many historical sights, drawn to the foreign tourist. The state of Saxony is situated between Czech Republic to the east and Poland to the south. Though it is one of the smaller German states, the cities of Dresden and Leipzig ... Read More »

The World Below: Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

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You may think that it would be hard to find some blissful solitude in a city like Hong Kong which seems to be on the go round the clock but Victoria Peak will prove you wrong. Victoria Peak is probably one place in Hong Kong that is closer to nature than any part of this city is. Even though the city ... Read More »

The Wonder of Triglav, Slovenia


An Insight to Mount Triglav The highest mountain in Slovenia, Triglav, stands proudly tall at an elevation of 2,864 metres. The mountain is located in the Julian Alps (mountain range stretching from northeastern Italy to Slovenia). The Triglav is the biggest highlight of Triglav National Park, Slovenia, the national park which gets its name from the mountain. The Legend of ... Read More »

Circle of sight: London Eye


Observation structures are a common feature of cities that attract tourists. It gives the tourists a bird’s eye view of the city. New York’s Empire state building, Toronto’s CN Towers, Eiffel Tower in Paris, are few of the many observational structures found around the world. But London can boast about its unique observational structure, which is a giant Ferris wheel. ... Read More »

Plitvice Lakes National Park: A Picture-Book come to life


A Brief History: This blue-green landscape woven out of 16 interlinking lakes and lush trees is regarded as the largest natural park in Croatia. The lakes occurring as waterfalls form a ribbon of network around the Mal Kapela and the Pljesevica mountains making for a visual treat. Plitvice also takes pride in manifesting itself beautifully to the world as the ... Read More »

Where the Heaven meets Earth- Himalayan Foothills


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on the foothills of Himalayas? Well, the answer to the question cane be put up in only a single word- “Heavenly”. The sub-Himalayas or the Himalayan foothills, is also known as the Shivaliks and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful foothills in the entire world. With the ... Read More »

The Glowworm Caves of New Zealand


Breathtaking and beautiful, Waitomo caves are not like any other caves across the world. What makes them unique is that they glow! In pitch darkness, rowing over the shallow waters, when you look up, it appears as if the stars have homed on the ceiling of the caves. What makes it possible is among the rarest of creatures in world- ... Read More »

Hampi, Karnatka-Taking you back in time


A small village in North Karnatka, that takes you back in time to 14th century Empire of Vijayanangara, where diamonds were sold on street. Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as Group of Monuments at Hampi. With a plethora of historical heritages this small village has earned a great repo among historians and archaeologists. Situated on the banks of ... Read More »

Tamarind Falls – Mauritius

Tamarind falls 1

Also renowned as the ‘7 cascades’, Tamarind fall is situated in the south west part of Mauritius, near the village of Henrietta. It gets this name because of the seven steps that it forms before the water reaches from the top to the basin. Blessed with enchanting surroundings and the diverse species thriving in the vicinity, these waterfalls are the ... Read More »

Of Clubhouse Days – Disneyland, Honk Kong


There are hardly a few people in this world who do not miss their childhood and the freedom it provided. A place to forget all your worries and leave back all the problems can be found in the magical world of the Disneyland. A visit to this fairyland truly takes you to your dream world where there are no deadlines ... Read More »