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The Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney Amusement Park


Expedition Everest is a very entertaining and adventurous roller coaster ride in the Animal Kingdom of the Walt Disney Amusement Park in Florida. It was announced on 22nd April, 2003 and three years later it was inaugurated in a grand opening ceremony on 7th April 2006. It took six years for its planning and construction. The Expedition Everest is made ... Read More »

The baffling beauty of Banff National Park, Canada

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Canada has always been the land that intrigued a lot of people due to it’s great history and a brilliant present. The ways nature and civilization have blended in to form this beautiful nation is truly a marvel. And in this country that is so full of marvels, is a gem, hidden deep in the south west of the country. ... Read More »

The Victoria Falls – Nature’s Beauty Untouched


Victoria Falls is a waterfall that is located in Southern Africa. It is situated on the Zambezi River at the border covering Zambia and Zimbabwe. A visit to Africa is incomplete without a trip to its sun-kissed waterfall. Victoria Falls is very famous in terms of its beauty. This waterfall offers something or the other for everyone who just wishes ... Read More »

The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle, Mysterious Devil Triangle


This mysterious place situated in the western region of North Atlantic Ocean. It is also known as the Devil’s Triangle. A lot of aircrafts and ships have been lost and their disappearance became a mystery. This place is recognized by a lot of countries and people fear going anywhere near it. But the US Navy believes that the triangle of ... Read More »

The Beautifully Carved Grand Canyon, Arizona


The Grand Canyon is among the most popular amazing structures across the world. The state of Arizona is blessed to have this structure which is sliced by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles i.e. 446 km long steep-sided canyon and is almost a mile deep. The canyon comes within the Grand Canyon National Park and was managed ... Read More »

The Stirring Valley of Bovec, Italy


The Littoral region Bovec is situated in the northwestern Slovenian Alps, which is near the border of Italy. It is the central arrangement of the metropolis of Bovec. Earlier, it was the historic region of Georzia but now only a few minority people stay here. Bovec was being in notice in the year 1174, but if go inside the deep ... Read More »

The Garden of the Gods: A Beautiful Oasis in Colorado, US


Who doesn’t wants to go for a tour having the scenic beauty to an extent that it mesmerizes the viewer with its artistic effect? Yes, this place is the most visited place in Shwanee National Forest with its vivid formation of rocks and trails that makes it hits the lists of the tourists. This place is situated in the City ... Read More »