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A Mughlai Delight-The Mughlai Cuisine


India throughout the years has agglomerated varieties of cultures. The period of Mughals in India from Babar to Bahdur Shahzaffar brought a turning point to the arts, culture and cuisine of India. The architecture of the west was first incorporated; various new forms of music such as ‘qawwali’ etc. were introduced. However the aspect which affected the common man was ... Read More »

The Entertainment Capital of the World – Las Vegas


Well, the most exciting and happening city of the world, Las Vegas, has rightly billed itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World. Located in the southern part of the U.S. state of Nevada, it is the most populous in the state. It is an internationally renowned resort city, famous for its consolidated hotel-casinos and associated entertainment. Las Vegas is ... Read More »

Bridging North-East India: Mawnlynnong and Dawki, Meghalaya


Among the lush greens of Meghalaya stands one of the greatest awe-inspiring spectacles of pristine nature. No matter whether you are a fan of the waterfalls, hiking in the woods, finding your way out of treacherous caves, or exploring underwater, Meghalaya has something for every avid traveller out there. Apart from holding records in being the rainiest of places, it ... Read More »

The Lavishly Aromatic and Spicy Cuisine of Sri Lanka


The teardrop-shaped island of the Sri Lanka  has been a stopover for ships, drawing merchants from the center East, Persia and geographical area, UN agency brought with them their distinctive cookerys and change of state styles; its cookery is additionally influenced by Malabar moreover as Tamil cuisine. At breakfast there are hoppers (anglicized name for appam) made up of hard ... Read More »