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Rajasthani Cuisine


The north-western state of Rajasthan is a state of color, vibrancy and royalty. On the one hand, the state is famous for its majestic palaces of the ‘Pink city’ as well as the temples and the beauty of the ‘white city’, while on the other hand the state has a variety of delicious food items as another tourist attraction. The ... Read More »

Go Shopping at the Bond Street in London

bond street

Everybody loves shopping and if the place we are shopping is as good as Bond Street then the shopping experience becomes amazing. Bond Street is known for its elegant stores, designer fashion, exclusive brands, fine jewels, luxury goods and exotic food. It is a fine shopping street located in the west London between Oxford Street and Piccadilly. If you are ... Read More »

Amazing Shopping Experience: Fifth Avenue, New York


There are a lot of shopping complexes around the world but only a few are the ones which gives the visitors a shopping experience beyond their belief and Fifth Avenue Shopping Street of New York, USA is one of them. Fifth Avenue’s location starts from north of Washington Square and goes all the way north up to 143rd street in ... Read More »

The Shopping Paradise: Avenue Montaigne, Paris


Paris is one of the most fashionable cities in the world and when it comes to shopping, it is such a paradise. It has some really amazing shopping places around the city but there is a place which takes away all the attention and that is Avenue Montaigne. Avenue Montaigne is a famous shopping street located in the 8th arrondisement ... Read More »

The Scenic Beaches of Florianopolis, Brazil


Located in the shores of the beautiful country of Brazil, Florianopolis is the second largest city in the Brazilian part of Santa Catarina. The beautiful beaches and the lovely drive in the sea drive of the city are just amazing and thousands of travellers from around the world travel to this place just for the sheer beauty that this place ... Read More »

Of Luxury and Affluence: Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

Luxury resorts,the beach and nightlife describes the region of Isla Verde in Puerto Rico in a nutshell. The misleadlingly named Isla Verde which literally translates to ‘Green Island’ is a hip, hot and happening getaway for the rich and famous. If your pocket allows it, Isla Verde would be the perfect destination for some clubbing, good resorts and celeb spotting. ... Read More »

Island Of The Dolls-Xochimilco,Mexico


All adventure seekers, non-believers, wannabe ghost busters, grim ghost-story enthusiasts, psychics, dream analysists, or simply brave-hearts who just LOVE to unravel the most spookiest experiences by visiting the creepiest locales ever and later boast about them, this is You’re place!    Into the dense labyrinth of the canals of Xochimilco, Mexico, there rests a small island, The Isle de las ... Read More »

Patience is the Secret, The Royal Hyderabadi Cuisine


Hyderabad, the city of the Nizams. The city of Pearls. One of the most happening places in the country booms with one of the best cuisines in the country and in the world. The Hyderabadi cuisine. This has been one of the most heard attractions in the country, ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’. This cuisine was developed during the rule of Quli Qutb ... Read More »

Kerala – The Land of Spices


  Kerala is a state which is located in south west region of India on Malabar Coast which stretches along the coast of Arabian Sea. Thiruvananthapuram also known as Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala. Kerala is one of the wonder of the world. According to Hindu Mythology, the derivation of Kerala arose geographically and culturally by lord Parasurama ... Read More »

The Sunken Palace of Cleopatra,Alexandria,Egypt

Bored of clichéd, predictable holiday getaways where every experience is but a repertoire of an earlier venture? If that is so, and you crave to peregrinate into the unknown, for once experience the pages of history coming alive and witness the existence of a long-lost ancient city shrouded in mystery, The Palace of Cleopatra awaits you in Alexandria, Egypt. An ... Read More »