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The City of Landmarks: Madrid, Spain


Bustling, energetic, vibrant… Madrid churns out with energy as only a capital city could. Madrid is located in central Spain in the southwestern region of Europe. Madrid is Spain’s capital and it’s most populated too. The official language is Spanish and the currency is the Euro. The weather here is dry and Sunny. Nonetheless, this continental climate is characterized by ... Read More »

A Sinful Indulgence – Bora Bora Islands,Tahiti


If you’ve ever been entranced by the fairy-tale The Little Mermaid (1837),by Hans Christian Andersen and its popular movie adaptation by Disney in 1989 ,in your early childhood and have always wished to breathe in the depths of the sea, dine with the sea creatures jostling around you, sleep in the castles floating on the sea, ride the dolphins ,pet ... Read More »

Loco Moco from Hawaii

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The very name Loco Moco seems to have been the name of just about anything ranging from a kid’s product to a traditional dance, but not a cuisine! But, very surprisingly, it is one of the very famous dishes that is representative of the place it was first cooked. With a name that sounds like a Mexican food drive-in or a ... Read More »

All Time Winner: Delhi Street Food


Delhi is the gastronomical capital of India and street food is what keeps us ticking. Delhi is well known for its street food.  Street food is popular everywhere in the world. In Thailand, you can grab a hot bowl of Ramen in the floating market, indulge in delicious Poutine drenched in gravy or bite into a fat juicy hot dog ... Read More »

More than just beaches: Cubano from Miami


“If Life gives you bread, make a sandwich”. We all love sandwiches whether it is an egg sandwich or bacon sandwich or bacon and egg sandwich or baked bean sandwich. There are a lot of them but have you ever thought of having a sandwich while hanging out on some really amazingly beautiful beaches with a Coke or some Juice. ... Read More »

Spicy South – The Cuisine of South India


Now and then it has been emphasized that India is the land of diversity and quite rightly so. It is inhabited by people following different religions, speaking different languages, having different customs and eating different kinds of food. Yes, India is diverse one the basis of food as each part has its own unique culinary culture. The vast expanse of ... Read More »

City of Dreams, Casinos and Nightlife, Macau China

Macau nightlife

  Enthralling Lifestyle, embracing Nightlife and a life filled with money bouncing off from all over the place, well that’s Macau for all. It’s a place where entertainment still rolls around the roulette table and the options outside the major casinos are limited to be surrendered. For those who are seeking a money saving choice of nightly entertainment, a stroll ... Read More »

The Black Forests of Germany

Black Forest 2

The Black Forest is not only a destination that is extremely varied but is also one of the biggest and best known holiday regions in Germany. Located in south western Germany in Baden- Wurttemberg, the Black Forest is a wooded mountain range.  It is mainly a granite highland with rounded summits. It embodies everything, from the Black Forest maids, farms, ... Read More »

Have a shake with the Sheikh- Burj-Al-Arab, Dubai


Burj Al Arab is claimed to be the one and only 7-star hotel in the world. Although it is disputed that ratings can not go higher than 5 stars, yet this luxury hotel, which is the fourth tallest hotel among all the hotels across the world, stands at a magnificent height of  1053 feet and towers over all the structures ... Read More »

Of French in America: Villa Deveena, Negredrag


Want to taste the exotic French cuisine? Move to France! Okay, maybe that’s not the ideal solution for everyone. So, maybe, Villa Deveena is the right place to satisfy your craving for French food. Villa Deveena has always been the first preference for locals and tourists looking to taste authentic French food located in located in Playa Negra, Los Pargos, ... Read More »