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Of Luxury and Affluence: Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

Luxury resorts,the beach and nightlife describes the region of Isla Verde in Puerto Rico in a nutshell. The misleadlingly named Isla Verde which literally translates to ‘Green Island’ is a hip, hot and happening getaway for the rich and famous. If your pocket allows it, Isla Verde would be the perfect destination for some clubbing, good resorts and celeb spotting. ... Read More »

Patience is the Secret, The Royal Hyderabadi Cuisine


Hyderabad, the city of the Nizams. The city of Pearls. One of the most happening places in the country booms with one of the best cuisines in the country and in the world. The Hyderabadi cuisine. This has been one of the most heard attractions in the country, ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’. This cuisine was developed during the rule of Quli Qutb ... Read More »

The Bustling Markets of Hong Kong


The hustle bustle of this city is not only about the tall skyscrapers and the booming business ventures, but also the great markets that this place possesses. Yes, if you are thinking that I am talking about the busy markets in Hong Kong, then you probably got that right. Though it was a part of the British colony for over ... Read More »

The Wonderful Skyline of Singapore


Tourism in Singapore has always been on the high, especially with the government of Singapore putting in so many aspects into its tourism base to capitalise on the huge money at stake, I would say that the money is going to boom in the next few years to come. With an inflow of more than 13 Lakh tourists into the ... Read More »

Takoyaki – The soul of Japanese street food


Every country is identified in one part by its landscape and in one part by the lip smacking delicacies they have to offer. Japan being an island nation with oceans enveloping its borders has an impressive list of fish dishes that are ranged between awesome and phenomenal. One such is the legendary Takoyaki that can be found almost anywhere in ... Read More »

Rickshaw Capital of the World- Dhaka


One of the most populates cities in the world, Dhaka is a city of much cultural heritage and historical importance. With a population of about 15 million people, it is the 8th largest city in the world in-terms of area and it is one of the most important cities in South Asia. With almost 4 Lakh rickshaws running in the ... Read More »

Krabi Island: Thailand’s Steamiest Destination


     Krabi island or you can say krabi town is a coastal province and is located on the west coast of southern Thailand. Due to the infinite natural attractions like huge limestone cliffs, mangroves, untouched jungle, pristine water of the beaches, white snowy sand, colorful riots of coral reefs which fascinates people and thus never fails to attract and ... Read More »

Wine farm restaurants, Morgenster olive oil, South Africa

olive oil estate

‘Olive Oil Estate A Must Visit – Cape town’ Morgenster produces the worlds best wine established in 1711.According to olive oil industries in Italy it is a known fact that Morgenster is meant for good fine quality of wine. It is famous producing internationally acclaimed Bordeaux-style wines and extra virgin olive oil of astounding quality. Location: Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate ... Read More »

Nature’s Luxury Land, Orange County Resort- Coorg and Kabini

orange county,kabini

    Orange county resorts in Karnataka, providing world’s luxury holiday experiences and being awarded as a responsible tourism invites the tourist from all over the world by kindling the spark of  interest in the wildlife, picturesque, culture and beauty of the land. Orange county resorts in Karnataka is the India’s only property so huge for providing  luxury holidays. It ... Read More »

The Lovely Palm Islands: Dubai

Palm 2

These set of beautiful palm islands named Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali are two artificially made islands in the shape of palm trees. Intended to boost tourism in Dubai, these lovely islands are quite the work of art. They are also a mark of man’s progress alongside the improvement of technology over the years. Though the idea of the ... Read More »