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Aogashima Volcano, Japan

“Japan’s Hidden Tropical Island: Aogashima’ Many of the people think that Japan has only four Islands,But in reality japan is having several islands with different sizes.Aogashima is a tropical volcanic island in the Philippine Sea.The shape of the island, which is a small mountain in the volcanic vent, seems like it might even have been designed by someone.It is administrated ... Read More »

The Sunken Palace of Cleopatra,Alexandria,Egypt

Bored of clichéd, predictable holiday getaways where every experience is but a repertoire of an earlier venture? If that is so, and you crave to peregrinate into the unknown, for once experience the pages of history coming alive and witness the existence of a long-lost ancient city shrouded in mystery, The Palace of Cleopatra awaits you in Alexandria, Egypt. An ... Read More »

Spectacular Waterfalls of Meghalaya


Meghalaya is a state in North East, India. Meghalaya is also known as ‘Adobe of Clouds ‘. One third of the state is covered with beautiful mountains and lush green forest. The whole Meghalaya is famous for natural beauty rather than man made beauty. Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, which is also known as one of the major city ... Read More »

Merry in coastal Donostia, Spain


Some travel sites fulfil your hearts, some your mind, some memories are cherished, but there can only be a few places in the world which gives all these feeling at the same time. One of those destinations that gives you the ultimate satisfaction is definitely Donostia in Spain. This city is located in the coastal part of Spain and it ... Read More »

Energy Capital of the World: Houston, Texas


Known as the Lone Star State, Texas is the only state to have flags of 6 different nations fly over it and the nations are Spain, Mexico, France, Republic of Texas, Confederate States and the United States. Texas offers a lot of tourist destinations for visitors from all over the world. Houston is one of these destinations with great food, ... Read More »

Ponta Da Piedade, Lagos

kayak trip

  Ponta da Piedade is an amazing and beautiful piece  of headland. It is an superb   setting of cut out rocks that sharply contrast with the greenish blue waters below. It is a half day trip from Lagos which is enhanced by renting a fishing boat to explore the cliffs. It consists of caves, grottos (which are similarly like caves) and ... Read More »

Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada


If you are in a trip across the wonderful bare lands between the borders of two countries, namely Canada and the United States of America, then you are sure to catch up with the beautiful bedrock in the Canadian Rockies. Located at an altitude of about 1290 metres above the sea level, the very height at which the park is ... Read More »

Longji Rice Terrace, China


‘Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces’ Longji’s terraced fields look pretty as a design of steps and is offering some of the most fantastic scenery in Guilin.The Longji terraces area is famous for the large number of terraced rice paddy fields on its mountain, which have created a immense look on the hillsides.These fields stretch upon one another forming layers from the top ... Read More »

Borivali National Park: the Oasis of Mumbai


Situated in the thriving metropolis of Mumbai, the Borivali National Park is like a giant oasis of diversity. This large area has dense tropical forests, a large variety of exquisite animals, birds, reptiles and is often called as the ‘Lungs of Mumbai.’ This large area of a hundred and four square kilometres is protected and preserved from the crowds and ... Read More »

Telemark Canal, Norway

Telemark railway connection

‘A gorgeous view of south-east Norway’ Excellent place to catch Norwegian wildlife and perhaps do some painting, relaxing or photography.There is a spectacular flight of locks here on the Telemark canal, and a hydro electric scheme. There are fine restaurants.it is now possible to experience the Telemark Canal by ferry, charter boats, your own boat, canoes and kayaks. In addition, ... Read More »