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Igloo Island: Cozying up under the Northern lights

igloo island finland

Northern Lights display is a natural phenomenon caused when the gaseous particles of the Earth’s atmosphere collide with the charged particles coming from the sun’s atmosphere. These collisions create bright dancing lights in the sky which look exceptionally beautiful and are spectacular to watch. Different gases interacting with the charged particles emit different colors of light. The most common ones ... Read More »

Mandrem Beach – The Innate essence of Goa, India


A visit to Goa is incomplete without a trip to its sun-kissed beaches. The variety of beaches in Goa offer something or the other for everyone from luxury resorts to huts and from beach parties to tranquillity and within its sweeping coastline and sandy bays, it is one of the hottest sun-and-surf destinations in the country for local and international ... Read More »

The Victoria Falls – Nature’s Beauty Untouched


Victoria Falls is a waterfall that is located in Southern Africa. It is situated on the Zambezi River at the border covering Zambia and Zimbabwe. A visit to Africa is incomplete without a trip to its sun-kissed waterfall. Victoria Falls is very famous in terms of its beauty. This waterfall offers something or the other for everyone who just wishes ... Read More »

The Tavern of the Seas – Cape Town


  Cape Town city is the provincial capital of the Western Cape. The city is also the governmental capital of the country. In South Africa it is ranked as the second most popular city (first is Johannesburg). The city is situated on the shore of the Table Bay. Originally the city was developed by the Dutch East India Company. They ... Read More »

Rapa Nui and the Story of the Easter Islands


              Far away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies an island, where silent stone people rise up from the ground; remnants of Rapa Nui- a civilization that has been long gone. It is one of the most isolated inhabited islands on planet Earth, and historians throughout the ages have failed to answer the simple question- ... Read More »

Maggie Valley – A Blessing


Maggie Valley is a cottage for wealth of Southern hospitality, wonderful mountains and hills around, and pleasurable climate throughout the year. It is situated in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina; the place has an unrivaled, friendly and small town location. The future of the Southern Appalachian is built in such a way to preserve the past and the dynamic ... Read More »

Walk Down the Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

tunnel of love

“And the big wheel keep on turning neon burning up above And I’m just high on the world Come on and take a low ride with me girl On the tunnel of love!” Our world is an enigma. Nature has its own arsenal of paints and brushes that it has generally used in indulging our world with charm, romance and ... Read More »

The Stirring Valley of Bovec, Italy


The Littoral region Bovec is situated in the northwestern Slovenian Alps, which is near the border of Italy. It is the central arrangement of the metropolis of Bovec. Earlier, it was the historic region of Georzia but now only a few minority people stay here. Bovec was being in notice in the year 1174, but if go inside the deep ... Read More »

The Blue Eye of Albania, The Natural Spring

blue eye

As the name might confuse you, Blue Eye is the biggest spring of all the natural springs in world, having the clearest of water you would have ever seen before. Located in South of Albania and also known by the name of Syri kaltër, there is a beautiful natural phenomenon occurring in this spring of water. It has a vibrant ... Read More »